About Spiderman Games

All of our Spiderman games are created on the basis of the Spider-Man story. Do you remember how this story goes? If you don’t remember, we’ll be happy to recall it for you. The first appearance of this amazing superhero happened on the pages of comics. The first comic strip featuring Spider-Man appeared in 1962 and was called "Amazing Fantasy". From the very first comic book release, Spider-Man has grown incredibly popular.

It is the story of an ordinary boy who, after being bitten by a spider, gains superpower. He becomes dexterous and agile, and gains the ability to quickly scale walls and release a strong web from his wrist. This is how Spider-Man seemed to the first generation of his fans. It is not surprising that the boys of all countries and continents dreamed of becoming at least a bit like Spider-Man.

Since then, a huge number of comics have been released, and they continue to be popular to this day, despite the release of many Spider-Man films as well (the coolest of them was released recently). In addition, there is an animated series about the adventures of Spider-Man, and Spider-Man games are very popular as well. There is even a musical called “Spider-Man: Extinguish the Darkness”, which has been successfully broadcasting on Broadway since 2010.

Why is this wonderful hero so appealing? It is probably due to his wonderful abilities; without them he would not be such a cool hero. But others are attracted by the characteristics of Spider-Man himself: he is a very kind, sympathetic person, respectful and warm. He cares deeply for his adoptive family, and sincerely loves and protects his wonderful girlfriend. If he hadn’t been like that, the fame of Spider-Man would hardly have reached such grand proportions. And this means that even if you suddenly have incredible powers, you still have to remain a man in everything, never abuse power or offend, and always seek to protect the weak.