About Cool Games

The Cool Games genre involves games that were created and introduced by the Cool Games company.

What are Cool Games?

Cool Games utilizes HTML5 technology to generate high-quality cool games. The firm started its activity in 2009. All their games are loaded into the cloud, so gamers can appreciate the gameplay without having to pass the long download and installment procedure. On this platform, you may come across all the most common games on social media.

The key benefit of Cool Games in collaboration with the most renowned gaming companies across the globe. The Cool Games portal offers to play famous games, for example, Hello Kitty, Angry Birds, Snoopy, Pac-Man, Tetris, and Snake.

Cool Games' main specialty is social network games. Because all Cool Games are of high quality and the subject produced is distinctive, this platform has a vast audience of gamers across the globe. Day after day, more than 2 million users play instantaneously on the platform in Cool Games.

The key characters of Cool Games

The individuals who invented Cool Games and keep on managing this massive platform for games today are three of the best talent.

Laurence Rutten is the creator and CEO of the company. He is accountable for the greatest task of the product and its achievement. This man handles the tactic of the firm, expands the direction of business development, and is liable for guaranteeing that Cool Games' offers are the best on the market. Lawrence Rutten also communicates with associates and shareholders and deals with the Tokyo office of the company.

Berend Leibbrandt handles the company's law and fiscal policy.

RobbertHoogstraten is the chief of publishing, therefore he oversees the entire Cool Games publishing department. Because Cool Games has a lot of world wide web platforms, this man oversees managing them.

Due to the hard work of these great professionals, the Cool Games company has accomplished fantastic triumph in the industry of virtual games, under their direction, the firm keeps on developing effectively.

What Cool Games do we offer?

Among Cool Games, there are games of a large assortment of categories and styles. Because the key direction of Cool Games' work is games for social media, logic games and riddles may be deemed the most prevalent category. Sudoku developed by Cool Games is extremely widespread.

Additionally, on the Cool Games web platforms there are arcades and journey games, shooters and contests, RPGs, and games for females. The genre of games for girls contains all categories that are most loved among the girls.

As Cool Games protagonists, you may come across unique heroes along with trendy personalities and internet memes. The most prevalent among Cool Games are balls, marbles, lines, three in a row, and others. These games are extremely liked by office clerks because in these games you can continue the game from the moments where you stopped.

Cool Games has a lot of various games for players of all ages. All games of the brand are recognized by the high quality of execution and graphics, well-organized gameplay, and comprehensible interface.