About Penalty Games

We have collected the best shootout Penalty Games in football that you can play for free. Moreover, they are perfect not only for boys but also for girls! But first, let's find out what a penalty is and how to properly shoot free kicks because without knowing the background and the rules, it will be much less interesting to play.

What is a Penalty Shootout?

At the moment, it is not known exactly how the practice of assigning free-kicks was started as a result of any offenses. But it is believed that it originated somewhere between the 18th and 19th centuries, in London, where almost every commoner loved to play football. True, the official rules appeared only by the middle of the 19th century.

Penalties are free kicks, the choice of the winner in the presence of the same score, as well as the solution of some controversial moments on the field.

They beat him from 11 meters. There are only two sportsmen. The player himself, kicking the ball, and the goalkeeper, ready with all his skill to restrain the attack.

Penalty rules

According to the rules of the game of football, a penalty is awarded as a punishment, in the event of committing one of the offenses, which are punished with free kicks on the field, on the territory of the penalty area (Where the goalkeeper can use his hands to protect the goal). A penalty kick occurs by striking a sword chosen by a team member from an 11-meter distance. Other members of both their own and opposing teams, but maybe on the line of strike.

All free kicks in football are divided into several types, but as the name implies, they are assigned as a result of offenses committed outside the penalty area.

Today, there is a huge number of football fans, and as you know, demand creates offers, and every year a lot of arcades are released that allow you to practice hitting the ball into the goal.

Who likes penalty games?

We are sure that every boy, at heart, just loves football! However, not everyone has the opportunity to play it every day on the street.

Either friend cannot get together, then parents do not let go, then lessons end too late. But do not despair, because computers are already in every home, you can easily play football. But first, it's worth deciding who you will play for, for the whole team, for the goalkeeper, or maybe you go to kick penalties and free kicks at the opponent's goal?

Penalty kick-off games in football will teach you how to score amazing goals right on the Internet.

Penalty games are dedicated only to this football moment. It is he who often decides the outcome of the match, gives strong emotions, demonstrates the professionalism of the sports team. It just seems like it's easy to score a penalty. Whether on the pitch or in virtual reality, you will have to try hard to win. Impact force, flight altitude, trajectory angle - every little thing matters. Are you ready to try it? The championship is starting.

In-game plots, any case is chosen: violation of the rules, training, or championship with the determination of the winner of the tournament. You can play for any team - the choice is presented by the most popular clubs and national teams.