About Crash Games

This page contains online games at the junction of the Race and "Crash games" genres. Play for free, no download, and no registration right now!

Crash simulators or crash games

Crash games - great drive of victories and varied levels for passing and fun. Depending on the task at hand, gamers either try to avoid accidents and get to the finish line intact or selflessly demolish everything in their path. Some plots are combined - they imply both strategies, they are simply used at different levels.

Everything is interesting in games - not only a dashing plot and excellent cars, but also magnificent 3d graphics. Believe me, breaking obstacles and initiating collisions is much more interesting in the presence of a three-dimensional detailed picture.

Features of crash games

The crash simulator is an interesting game category. Its essence is simple and straightforward. The user must choose a suitable transport for himself and drive through the city, ramming everything in his path. Everything! Reckless driving and reckless driving are rewarded - points are given for:

downed people;

overturned and broken cars;

crumpled kiosks and poles;

destroyed shops and buildings;

performing dangerous stunts.

After the game, the stage of repair begins. The developers play around with his moment in different ways. Somewhere you need to come to a workshop and spend the received virtual money on updating and restoring a car. In others, it is easy to change or fix the car with one click.

The second game category is competitions. It is also possible to crash in races here, as at high speeds the cars roll over and crash, but this behavior is best avoided. Accidents are punished with penalty points, therefore, the more breakdowns, the worse the result.

Of course, when choosing games to destroy cars, gamers are rarely tuned in to calm races, so the second option is rather short-term alternative levels that allow you to take a break and tune in to another drive race!

Who likes crash games?

A cool car, sunglasses, and a wagon of masculinity - when you see such a person, you think that this is a real man. Such people are not afraid of danger and choose car crash games. Sometimes you want to blow off steam and just crash the car, but doing this in ordinary life is fraught with serious consequences, and in the game, it is very fun.

Online games are divided into two types. Avoid an accident - you need to drive the car so as not to crash into surrounding objects and players. To get into an accident. This type of arcade is more interesting, because to do this in real life, on purpose, is practically impossible, unless out of great stupidity. Choose the car you like and constantly crash into other cars, houses, and trees surrounding you. The number of destroyed items is equivalent to the bonus points that will be required to improve the car.