About Pool Games

Pool games offer a lot of free, interactive entertainment, collected into one section. Every single game is dedicated to this wonderful tabletop, which was invented several hundred years ago. It’s likely that everyone has an idea of what billiards is, but few people know who invented it. The game originated in Asia, particularly China or India. The first pool table that resembles the one we’re familiar with today was built in 1469 in France for King Louis XI. Over time, many varieties of pool tables have been created. There are now French billiards, called Carambol, and three types of Russian billiards: American, Siberian, and Nevskaya. The British play Snooker, and the Americans play Pool. You can find almost all of the above in our wide array of online pool games!

In addition to the traditional types of games, our users will be able to find everything, in one way or another, connected with cue, holes, and balls. If you are fed up with traditional types of pool games, you can entertain yourself by dropping balls into the holes using a radio-controlled machine, for example. You can also compete with friends in the power of the blow: whoever pulls the mouse steeper wins. Puzzle enthusiasts will be able to play the billiards version of mini-golf: with accurate cue strokes, it is necessary to drive the ball through the maze to the hole. And the game of billiards on the checkerboard is especially interesting: here the fields are painted in different colors, and the player must ensure that the balls of these colors are on the corresponding square.

Any visitor to our vibrant online resource can play pool games: mandatory registration and money not required! To drive the balls around the board, select your favorite version of billiards and begin playing with only one click of your mouse!