About Kizi

It would seem that you can create unique in a world where there are so many different online fun! But no, the developers constantly delight us with new and new characters, sometimes less, sometimes more successful. Among the stream of new products, a charming green alien stands out brightly, whose adventures seem so exciting, and a charming face can literally leave anyone indifferent!

Mankind cannot decide what to expect from space. Even science fiction writers, who are usually very perspicacious in matters of the development of human society, cannot agree on one opinion. In horror, we are waiting for the messengers of the Universe and taking every glimpse in the sky for UFOs, then we ourselves are going to fly to other planets and engage in their colonization. In any case, we are still far from close contact with space, which means that any assumptions will not be confirmed soon.

But why wait so long? While scientists around the world are struggling to destroy the old near-cosmic myths even more actively than trying to discover new secrets of the Universe, we have already equipped a ship that will take us to other worlds. The ship, of course, is virtual, but who did it stop? The main thing is that he will take us to the good-natured and sweet aliens with whom we will certainly make friends!

One of them - the hero of the game Kizi - is already dreaming of meeting us no less than we are with him! It is enough to take a look at his charming physiognomy once to understand: our darling does not and cannot have any plans for capturing the Earth and destroying mankind, because these charming eyes simply cannot belong to an evil creature.

Kizi is a modern hero!

Our green alien baby is a very worthy person. And now we are not even talking about his appearance - there’s no reason to think about such trifles! In the end, in the homeland of the cosmic slug, just such an appearance is normal, and two arms and two legs would seem like a terrible ugliness to anyone who would see them. And it’s not a very big merit - to be born with big or small ears; otherwise without them ...

No, not for the green skin we love this charm! And for the fact that it’s never boring with him: after all, he is so versatile and active that it deserves real admiration. Kesey’s various games show us the most diverse personality traits: today he can play basketball, and tomorrow he will go to conquer the dusty paths of distant planets, where even gravity does not work at all like we used to.

An alien is always happy for good company, and therefore he will be pleased to invite you to share with him all the most incredible adventures. And if only your own laziness does not stop you, you can go with Kizi to discover new and new entertainments - after all, there is no such type of outdoor activity in which our green friend would not be a real specialist.

Kizi is attractive? Damn attractive!

Perhaps it is impossible to find a developer who would not want his creation to become a real hit. However, only a few manage to gain genuine fame, and almost never success is accidental. Why do we love games from Kesey’s site, and why are we distinguishing them from many flash applications? After all, at first glance, there is nothing special about them: a simple game world, no 3D or incredibly complicated, complicated mission scenarios ...

The secret of success lies in the personality of the main character. Baby Kizi at the same time seems to us to be someone unusual (“alien” - in the literal and figurative sense!), But at the same time so similar to each of us. Or rather, even on an improved version of each of us!

Firstly, an alien looks incredibly benevolent. By constantly catching the character’s happy smile, you simply cannot suppress the desire to smile back at him! In our life there is so little room for sincerity and positive emotions that an open and always happy cosmic slug is the best company for the positive completion of a difficult working day.

Secondly, he is always open to something new. We all want to have a friend who, with burning eyes, would drag us into one adventure after another. And Kesey’s games are just that: they involve you in incredible adventures, from which you will always emerge victorious. In a company with an active alien, you will never get bored, because he always has something new at the ready!

You can always find the best Kizi games on our website. We have specially selected only the brightest and most interesting news so that you do not have to search for them on the network for a long time. Just choose any plot of the Kizi game you like and relax in the company of an alien friend as much as you want!