All online games present in our catalogue are free. There are more than 300 thematic categories on our site. The section of online games designed for tablets and smartphones, which also work on desktops, is also growing rapidly. We have collected for you a vast number of free games, including all the most famous games series that are updated daily. To start with, choose the genre you like, then decide on the free online game you want to play and launch it right away, without registering and downloading it to your computer.

History of online games

Since people have always enjoyed unwinding and having fun, they have created numerous devices or simply exploited resources that were available to them. That is how things familiar to us were created: balls, skittles – before that they were just stones and sticks. But now we have all these technology and devises, thanks to which the gaming component of everyday life has increased many times. As recently as 30 years ago, the main types of public entertainment were sports and board games. Then, as personal computers were introduced into practically every home, people began to spend more playing them. In the last 10-15 years, against the backdrop of an electronic communication boom, with the introduction and hyper-development of the Internet, free online games have actively begun to make their way into the public.

So many online games of various genres and directions have appeared on the network that now even their systematization is a serious task, causing many difficulties. Our team is trying to highlight the worthiest free online games that you may be interested in from this huge number of new games. However, this process is quite complicated, because people’s tastes vary, and it is extremely difficult to please everyone. Moreover, free games created back in the 20th century are no longer of interest to anyone, and we regularly remove old, unclaimed materials, replacing them with modern, new games.

Online games - from Flash to HTML5

Since modern browsers have stopped supporting Flash technology since 2021, games based on this system are gradually leaving web pages. However, there are still some of the most popular toys that work in browsers using special emulators.

HTML5 technology significantly expands the possibilities for players. Created using modern developments, HTML5 games can be launched both on desktops and on many other devices of various modifications.

In either case, on our portal you will not have to download and install anything on your desktop, tablet, or smartphone. By opening the page with any game, you can play straight away. This is convenient as no uninstallation is required either, which means that valuable resources on your computer will remain free.

Rating of online games

Our editors have been working since 2013 compiling the rating of games for you, and many of our regular visitors are constantly sending interesting new materials. You always have such an opportunity! Together we are working on the popularity rating of free online games and strive to keep it up to date. The sets of game categories are quite diverse, and the plots of many games are classified into several genres at the same time, so you can always understand what is most popular and in demand right now. However, top games may not always meet your specific needs, so we suggest you look deeper, scroll through the pages of the game category, and you will definitely find exactly what you are looking for.

Remember, to work well, you need to rest well. Play with us!