About Stickman Games

It will be cool to play Stickman online games for free, because in front of you is an unusual character—the animated hero of children's drawings. His body consists of sticks, and his head is a circle. But the fragile complexion does not prevent him from living an active life, fighting enemies, playing sports, falling in love, traveling, and embarking on adventures. Stickman is a martial artist, a great shooter, and a dreamer. He can be a best friend or a dangerous enemy. In each story, you can see the hand of a small artist who drew this drawing, creating a certain situation from which you have to somehow escape.

Stickman is the so-called absolutely conditional and abstract depiction of the Big Bang. The first cavemen tried to write their story with the help of graphic images. They depicted themselves with five lines and a circle: the vertical line is the torso, four sticks make up two arms and two legs, and a circle for the head. Such an image is the first thing that young children draw when they want to portray a person. And, despite the simplicity of the graphics, the stickman is still depicted everywhere, including in conventional images in transport, public places, signs, and graffiti. We can say that there is a whole direction of comics where the authors do not attempt to portray heroes realistically, but simply use a schematic image. Oddly enough, a number of such stories are very popular, as readers' attention is focused on the plot, history, and humor, and not on the quality rendering of the characters.

On the Internet, a schematic image of a man is also very common, emoticons, funny images for short messages, games.

Despite the simplified graphics, online flash Stickman games remain very popular. A huge number of stories have been developed, and most importantly, they are suitable for all ages and do not fall under censorship. After all, having organized the bloodiest battle with sticks and circles as victims—not a child, not an adult—you will not feel like an aggressor. In our popular Stickman games, you’ll only find sticks scattered and circles circled, and the red spots on the monitor are just splattered pixels. These online games provide harmless fun for all ages!