The game Snake is one of the most legendary games played by just about everyone. You will not find a single person on earth who did not know what it was.

Snake games – It could not be easier!

The game Snake is very primitive and easy. But this is her secret. It has won the hearts of millions of players and continues to be popular today. Many believe that this is due to its simplicity. You do not have to work hard to win. The essence of the game is to change the direction of the snake's movement in time and not allow it to collide with its tail or the boundaries of the maze. Also, feed her food to make her grow longer.

Your main task is to grow the snake as long as you can and protect it from being eaten by itself. There can be many levels in the game, which become more and more difficult each time.

Snake games history

This is one of the first games to appear in the gaming industry. Already in the ‘70s, people were actively playing Snake. Its first version was presented on slot machines. After that, it was launched on computers. Our adult users remember exactly the first version of the snake on a green background. And of course, when mobile phones appeared, the first game on them was also a snake.

Over the years, the game Snake has been constantly updated and improved. Over time, its 3D version appeared. And now there are so many versions that it is even hard to count!

Also, today it is possible to play the game at the same time with your friends.

But the game Snake is so simple only at first glance. At first, you may think that it is very easy to win, but you just try to grow a snake of enormous length! It is almost impossible, just try and see for yourself.

Eternal Game

Maybe someone thinks that the snake game has long become obsolete. But this is not the case, it is still wildly popular.
But the developers do not stand aside, and constantly update the game, adding more and more new features.

The game Snake is now available in many interpretations. You can play a regular 2D snake or find a version in the style of Minecraft. It also happens that the developers create a game Snake within the existing game universe.

Psychologists believe that the game Snake is to some extent very useful for our brain. It increases concentration, improves logical and strategic thinking. You calculate each step and establish cause-and-effect relationships. Few games could be as useful as Snake.

Researchers also believe that playing Snake reduces stress and relaxes a person.