FNAF Game Guide

Read a short guide to the game of FNAF. It will cover the basic rules of FNAF game, its mechanics, survival tactics, description of monsters with basic tricks, and brief tips on how to pass the story part of Five Nights at Freddy's.


  1. FNAF game rules
  2. What are the most popular FNAF Games?
  3. How to Look Through the Camera in FNAF
  4. Energy and Energy Saving in FNAF
  5. Doors and Lights
  6. Map and rooms
  7. Types of monsters, their tactics and features
  8. Tips and tactics for the passage of the game FNAF

Five Nights at Freddy's game rules

The rules are simple, but very strict. For violation, the game FNAF immediately punish severely, very severely. You, sit on your ass the entire game and can only control the two doors on the sides with buttons, you can also light the corridor next to each entrance to check. Surveillance cameras are available to you, and you can use them to monitor the monsters' movements. After the start of the game FNAF, in the initial room will appear three monsters, which from there and popped to your room. They may gradually be joined by two more.

You need to contain the creatures for six hours between 12:00 and 6:00. You need to zirk them to restrain their movement (not all of them, by the way). Particularly nimble that sneak up close to you, you have to close the door in front of your nose. This is what the entire game of FNAF is based on. Live till morning - survive.

The closer to the end of the game FNAF, the more the player is required to pay attention. Just sit back will not work. Anyone who is saving their energy for the finale, the FNAF game will siege them with its methods.

What are the most popular FNAF Games?

  • FNAF 1
  • FNAF 2
  • FNAF 4
  • FNAF 3
  • FNAF 5
  • Five Nights at Candy's
  • Friday Night Funkin' Nights at Freddy's
  • FNAF Sister Location: Night 1 And Half
  • FNAF Sister Location Custom Night

How to Look Through the Camera in FNAF

First, the more closely you look, the longer the doll stands. If a ghoul gets really close to you, keep the camera on him longer than everyone else and chances are he'll retreat instead of attacking. Second, logically, the further away from you the monster is, the less attention it gets. But you shouldn't even forget about the distant ones, because almost everyone needs only two moves to be on your doorstep.

Even if in FNAF you can see all the monsters at once and don't let them fool you, you should still be wary of sudden moves when the critters are at your doorstep. If there are disturbances (they tend to appear if you control the enemies too diligently), you should exit camera mode and probe the corridors for monsters with the light buttons. If there are none, you can try to re-establish visual contact with everyone.

Fox tracking is a separate conversation. It has four types of positions:

Inactive - the curtains are tightly drawn and a sign is hanging.
Getting ready - curtains ajar, muzzle sticking out.
Gathering - sticking out almost all the way, tilted her face.
Gone - curtains parted to the sides, the fox is not visible.

The fox does not alert you in any way to the start of its run, it just does so when you start breaking the rules of the FNAF game or reach the finals. If the fox squawks and you run into an empty space, you must immediately close the left door. It will come running itself soon (10 seconds), this process can be accelerated by switching to the corridor. If you switched to the corridor before you even noticed her absence, you will have less than a couple of seconds to exit the menu and close the door.

Energy and Energy Saving in FNAF

For the whole night in FNAF we are given 99% energy, after 0% everything is cut off and the bogeys come into your room and scream in your face. Expense:

Passive mode (one battery division) - the most economical mode, it has enough energy for two such nights, but alas, monsters won't let you sit in it forever, although sometimes it's worth breaking away from cameras and closing doors to save energy for the finale.

Two is the normal mode, in which you can also survive until morning if you don't increase your overconsumption. This is usually the case if you only use a chamber or one closed door.

Three divisions is a serious overconsumption. In this mode, a game of FNAF eats 25% energy per game hour. Consequently, in four hours you will be left with nothing.

Tips for saving money:

⇒ Two bars is an open door or camera view. If you know for sure that no one will approach from some side (the target monster was far away or is not yet involved), the easiest thing to do is just close the dangerous door on the other side and not look at the camera. The cost effect is the same as watching, only the risk is less. It is recommended to do so, in the finale, when the monsters, for example, try to push their way in from one side (2-3 nights).
⇒ Turn on the light in the hallway is not necessary for a long time. Quickly click twice on the button and shine a light into the opening. If the monster is there, there will be a sound. This way you can save a lot of money or monitor the aisles more often, without draining energy.
⇒ Do not close the doors for a long time. Monster, as a rule, after an unsuccessful attack does not long graze under the door and gets out almost immediately. Monitor the space with the light and as soon as he took off, unlock the door, the second attack will not follow soon.
⇒ Before the start of the game FNAF, in the very first duty, you can sit almost 1/5 of the game without doing anything. Thereby saving a lot of energy and in the finale just close on both sides, without the fear that the energy will run out completely. Simply put, if you manage to get 25% in an hour before 6:00, you can shut down and just wait for the finale. Even if the power runs out and the doors open, it still takes about ten seconds for the monsters to jump out onto the screen and make a "game over". Speaking of which, in the fifth-round finale, that's the only way to win.
⇒ When in a game of FNAF saving doesn't work! Yes, yes, it happens, in the final of the fifth night, it is useless to sit back and accumulate energy. Monsters will burn it all out by concentrating near your shelter. For instance, a bunny can just stand outside your door for almost a minute, draining your energy into nothing.

Doors and Lights

Doors are needed to block four out of five monsters. The doors are on either side of you and two corridors lead to them. The red button is for opening or closing them. The light one under the red one is for viewing the corridor next to the passageway. The position at your doors does not show up on the surveillance cameras.

The light detects the lurking hare and hen that are so fond of blocking the aisles for their colleagues. The others don't care about the light. The doors close until you open them yourself, but the light works strictly for a second or two. By the shadows of the light, you can tell if there's still a monster behind it. If you can see the chicken on the right without it, on the left, a shadow will be cast.

Map and rooms

In the game FNAF so far one game location - Freddy's Pizzeria. It has ten rooms, one of which respawns the main monsters (CAM1A), the other is your sanctuary and is unmarked (You).

  • CAM1A is the starting location, where the hare, hen and bear are located.
  • CAM1B - main hall, all three monsters hang out here at will.
  • CAM5 - workshop, monsters can also hang out there. (Excludes fox)
  • CAM1C - fox's start location, there's only one fox here.
  • CAM3 - storeroom location, only hare hangs out there.
  • CAM2A - corridor, the beginning. The fox runs through it and the hare may stand there.
  • CAM2B - corridor, the end, then your room. On the wall can hang a poster with a golden bear, which then attacks the room.
  • CAM7 - a separate room for the bear and the chicken, sometimes wandering there.
  • CAM6 - inactive camera, only sound. You can tell by it whether someone is there or not.
  • CAM4A - the first part of the right corridor where the bear and the chicken walk.
  • CAM4B - the last part of the corridor on the right, a bear and a chicken walk along it.

Types of monsters, their tactics and features

Bunny - is a rank-and-file attacker on the left flank and stomps strictly in that direction without veering off to the side, starts from the CAM1A zone. Able to block doors and lights if he gets up unnoticed when you are not behind the surveillance camera. Can hang out in the main hall. Attacks only by surprise. If you do not stare at the monitor, he will not jump out, but it will be impossible to close the door. Works in conjunction with the vixen.

Possible attack zones:

  • CAM3
  • CAM2A
  • CAM2B

Little Hen - second ranking member only on the right wing, starts with CAM1A. Attacks only on the right, acts the same as the hare, but less aggressive. Can hang out in the main hall. Shouldn't write him off, as he never misses a chance to block the door when he's lucky. He works in tandem with the teddy bear.

Possible attack zones:

  • CAM4A
  • CAM4B

Bear cub is a FNAF assassin who sneaks around quietly. He is noticed by his glowing eyes and off lights and starts in CAM1A. He walks strictly on the right side and is a partner of the hen. Can hang out in the main hall and storerooms. Attacks without first approaching the door, you can not illuminate it. The only option to prevent him from attacking is to look at him through the camera, or close the door.

Possible attack zones:

  • CAM4A
  • CAM4B

The chanterelle is one of the most dangerous monsters. Runs fast and does not slow down if you even look at it. Respawns only on the location CAM1C and moves only down and only running. Does not stop if already running. Before attacking widens the curtains twice, if the starting location curtains are moved to maximum, it means she is already running and you have from 5-8 seconds to close the door.

Attacks the open door, you can only stop it without letting him in. Bunny blocks the door, mostly for foxy. Vixen, sometimes when hitting the door, takes energy of 5 or 6%. It is better not to piss her off by occasionally checking the respawn. Provocation is also not willing to look at the cameras. Can make up to three attacks per night, and maybe more than one, depending on your activity.

Golden Bear - not a mandatory monster (passchalk), appears only in rare cases, where they write the chance is 1%, and where 2-3%. Determine his attack can be if the room in CAM2B will hang a poster, where the bear will not have eyes. You can't just close up, he even penetrates behind doors. You can repel the attack when you see him right in front of you, click quickly on the tablet and look at the poster again.

Tips and tactics for the passage of the game FNAF

1. Night One - The attack starts very late and for almost the first hour the game just stands still. For the first 20% of energy in passive mode you can not look anywhere at all. After, one of them (the hare) will start the attack, but will not be zealous, so just wait a little longer. The hen may not join in at all. The bear does not join in. The fox may appear at night. You can chase the monster around the cells, and you can save energy at the initial stage, and then stupidly close the doors two hours before morning, if you have 50% energy, then you can safely go drink tea.

2. Night two - on this night it is possible to do as well as the first, saving energy, and in the finale just sit behind the doors without stress. (Read about the energy expenditure above.) True, light monitoring at first, you still have to, keep an eye on the fox, she might attack at the end of the night if you're too zealous to "save". Bear again is not involved.

3. Night three - this time you'll have to make a move. If you try to save energy for the first hour of the game FNAF, you'll get more than one fox attack, also monsters will stand in front of the door much longer in this case and quickly withdraw your savings. The easiest way to pass this quest is to concentrate on the left door after a light save, occasionally glancing at the monsters through the camera. On the right chicken will not attack often, and if it suddenly blocks the door, just ignore it (the main thing is not to be distracted by the camera). Also this night, a golden bear may appear. The chance is small, but it happens. Seeing him in the room in front of you, quickly switch to the monitor and find the poster, on the left in the very first room (at least there I found him). There's no point in shutting yourself off from him.

4. The fourth night is the penultimate of the main walkthrough. The fourth night requires tracking the monsters. It will attack all available monsters. The most dangerous is the bear. His attack though not guaranteed, but if you do not stare at him, then it will reach the door at least and will threaten. And if you take care of the economy, he's guaranteed to come. This night is also not necessary to anger the fox, he, if ignored, can conduct several attacks, thereby draining energy. The first level where you need to shepherd monsters, not sit back in the hope of accumulating energy.

5. The fifth night is the finale, tense and completely unique. None of the earlier tactics will work. In general, the impression is that the puppets conspired and attacked together. To prevent such attacks, you need to keep an eye on them from the very beginning of duty, if you do not watch, then conspire and ogle together by 3 am. Passed this task with the 50th attempt probably, and only after the gold Teddy appeared. With his appearance, the rest of the retreat, and the fox did not attack. The energy was not enough, the light went out.

6. The sixth night - is an amplified addition, the complexity there in general the exorbitant, and for its passage, I did not take. They say there's a seventh night next...