About Dinosaur Games

It is unlikely that you will be scared of dinosaur games. Even if a giant lizard appeared before you, ruthlessly destroying everything in its path—including city buildings—you understand that all this stuff of dinosaurs disappeared from the face of the Earth long before our appearance. According to scientists, dinosaurs witnessed the fall of meteorites and this sight was too beautiful for them to comprehend. As a result of being unable to withstand such a beautiful phenomenon, they died of happiness. Nevertheless, there were those who managed to adapt to the changing climate and survive to this day. If you look at lizards and crocodiles, you can easily guess their distant evolutionary ancestors. Some small lizards do not seem dangerous at all, but there are others that are best avoided, such as monitor lizards. They resemble crocodiles, but live in deserts. They can beat a horse with a tail blow, and will simply kill a person. Their mighty teeth are stronger than steel and are able to bite us in half.

All dinosaur games that exist today are divided into two categories: good cartoon characters and realistic evil ones. Why this happened is hard to say, but the pattern is so obvious that it allows you to choose games according to your preferences based solely on the cover design. Good dinosaurs and evil monsters: which are better? Who to play? Try both and see!

The choice is determined by the preferences of the gamer, since the stories of each category are relatively similar. Dinosaur games, where the main character is an evil tyrannosaurus, pterodactyl, or other primordial monster, allow you to fight for the salvation of city streets, houses, and ancient valleys. These online games will please you with a dynamic active plot, the need to think quickly, and make important strategic decisions. If you want to relax and simply surrender to the game process, then it is better to choose friendly characters as the main characters. With fun dinosaurs, you can travel together, solve logic puzzles, cook delicious food, color, and even sing. Aren’t you curious about what songs dinosaurs would sing?

Each dinosaur story pleases people with original ideas realized through the characters of the Jurassic period, invented dragons, and aggressive monsters. Dinosaur games are so exciting that sometimes it really starts to seem that you are in a distant prehistoric world—one that is amazing, unexpected, beautiful, and sometime dangerous.