About 2048 Games

What are the 2048 games? Why is this type of game so trendy among fans of browser-built virtual games?

2048 games - a breathtaking journey inside the 4x4 square

2048 games are simply a 4x4 square. This is precisely the shape of the game, which was developed by an Italian boy of 19 years old, whose name is Gabriele Cirulli. He produced the 2048 game in one of the coding languages: JavaScript.

The game is described so since its key objective is to obtain a tile on the playing field, the nominal value of which will be 2048.

There are numerous surveys on what strategies to play and what tactics to pursue to succeed.

Development of 2048 games

The effect of the 2048 game goes into the beginning of a business game referred to as Threes. The inventors of this game responded disapprovingly to the presence of 2048 games, called the copying 2048 game, and blamed Cirulli for theft.

Cirulli said that he was motivated by the game Threes when producing his game. Also, the creator of the 2048 game himself says that his assault of the virtual gaming production was unintentional. The inventor of the game is not intending to create games in the future. According to the developer, he wrote this game in less than two days. His aim was not to compose a game, he just performed programming.

Rules of 2048 games

How to play 2048 games?

Every round assumes the presence of a tile, the nominal value of which will be 2 or 4. The emergence of 4 is doubtful.

The player must push the arrows to throw off all the tiles from the screen. They can be slumped in one of four directions.

Throughout the removal, one tile can fly onto another, and then instead of two, one will become visible, but the par value of this piece will be the total of those tiles that are linked.

Once the push is made, a new tile will be found, the nominal value of which will be either 2 or 4. After the tiles are attached, the player’s record will rise by the par value of the tile that is driven out.

A player is attributed with a failure if he cannot finish the act after the subsequent move.

The player can play applying the arrow keys on the keyboard. Applying these keys, he can push tiles across the field. If the tiles with the same figures come in contact, they will grow into one tile with a par value identical to the sum.

Experts propose various ways and tactics of the game that can assist success. Among all these strategies and approaches, there are various clues:

- the approach of the preferred corner in which the player must gather the block,
- attempt not to use them up arrow if the compartments situated above the large block are not engaged,
- a tactic for assembling blocks with a snake to be able to cluster them later,
- the creation of blocks in the course from the bottom up.

However, agreeing with experts, even such tactics and tips do not ensure a rapid positive outcome. Accomplishing the goal of the game is achieved only by a few; you have to practice for a long time to reach the objective.