About Coloring Games

This is the brightest and most colorful section on our site: it is our catalog of color games. Here artists and designers of all ages try their hand at expressing themselves, applying their visual talents, and feeling like a wizard with a color palette.

We offer many coloring games with a variety of topics and stories. In this section there are coloring games with funny, cute little animals as well as characters from famous cartoons, such as: Winnie the Pooh, The Little Mermaid’s Ariel, Dasha the Pathfinder, and The Flintstones. Of course, we did not ignore such famous cartoons as “Duck Tales” or “Gummy Bears”.

Older artists can enjoy coloring the plots from your favorite films, including Twilight and Hannah Montana. You can also color photographs of cool musicians and groups, and famous faces in show business, such as “Battle of the Choirs” show participants, famous actors, and TV presenters.

Why are coloring games great? They teach us to appreciate the vibrant beauty of the world around us; after all, the world should not be colorless or simply black and white. Our whole life is woven from various shades, and by playing coloring games online you have the unique opportunity to color your world!