About Ghost Games

Many children believe in ghosts when they see them in cartoons or adult films. They frighten each other with such creatures and compose various stories about them. It's time to give kids the opportunity to really have fun with the help of ghost games.

According to the script of one of the fascinating online ghost games, your children will be allowed to translate all their desires into reality, and it will also bring them a good adrenaline rush. In this game you will control a ghost that will fly around the house, scaring its residents. You will encounter a large house with many rooms, each of which will have one person or more in them. You can fly around the house—through the walls—and turn into different objects. When you pretend to be an object, you can move. Your rustles will scare people indoors. Your task is to scare as many residents as possible. Remember, the more people you scare, the stronger your strength becomes. Frighten just a few tenants, or the whole house. Even adult tenants will be afraid of you. You can play this game with others, so invite your friend and spend free time with him. You need to control the ghost using the arrow keys on the keyboard and the space bar. We wish you interesting adventures as an unusual character. Boo!