About Idle Games

What are idle games and why is interest of creators around the globe attracted to them? If you trust such an influential figure in the industry of virtual games as the developer of Jelly Splash and Diamond Dash, Adam Telfer, then idle games are a prosperous trend in the online games field.

What is the essence of Idle Games?

The main point of idle games is that the only occupation of the player is to click the mouse button. This is a rather unusual category of online games, but its popularity is growing rapidly and now it ranks top in most game ratings.

What is special about Idle Games?

The main feature is that the player does not make much effort during the game. This category of games is also famous for its free-to-play project.

Players also point out that the game category is very addictive.

To be more detailed, the point is that you click the mouse on the screen, and for each click, you get a reward. Be it game coins, sweets, or just bonus points.

In this case, each idle game always has additional options, with the help of which you will not even need to click the mouse. Bonuses will accumulate on their own. That is why it is believed that idle games are a kind of game that does not even need to be played directly. Players love such games because once you start, it's hard to stop. And they want to get even more profit. The desire to make virtual money becomes like a real desire to earn, so it's hard to break away from the game. Even though you get a fake reward, and a virtual one, the desire to have more still won.

The essence of idle games is to create more

At the heart of idle games is the philosophy of increasing resources. From the beginning, you will receive a certain amount of money. After that, you have additional gaming opportunities, you use them and improve your situation. And so, in a circle, you always want to have even more. Each subsequent application to the game will cost more and more, and accordingly, you will need to generate more money.

One of the most obvious examples of such a game is AdVenture Capitalist. Gradually, from a zero budget, you develop a multimillion-dollar fortune. And the process to acquire these assets is incredibly exciting.

Idle games conquer the Internet

Idle games are constantly multiplying, and now the developers have even come up with many additional services that improve your gaming experience. Although at first glance it is still unclear why this genre is so interesting for players.

The real breakthrough was that now idle games can be played on a smartphone. Being anywhere, you can always go into the game and check your progress, or even play. And most importantly, the game does not require any extra effort, and it immediately becomes clear how to play it. This model of the game is addictive, and the player always wants to play more.

Here psychology comes into play. The fact is that when a player does not go to the game for a long time, he begins to gnaw at his conscience. He wants to monitor his progress every day and do even more. To develop your character in the game, you need to go there regularly, monitor your resources, water the plants and perform other actions. In other words, you need to constantly control your possessions.

Many developers around the world are increasingly inclined to develop Idle games, watching as players' interest in them grows rapidly.