About Vampire Games

Who fears vampires today? They have already become the identical typical heroes in books, films, TV series, animated series, and virtual games that no one is frightened by them. Although everyone is glad to watch cartoons and TV series, movies, and anime about them. And many appreciate playing vampire games.

The Development of Vampire Games

Vampires are not a trendy occurrence, but beings that have been known for an extremely long time. Even in the mythos of various peoples, such beings are referred to. This beast is a ferocious nonliving monster that runs an energetic lifestyle at night and naps throughout the day. Vampires can transform into various things, turn into bats, assault people while they sleep, and extract blood. If a human sleeps and sees bad dreams, then a vampire assaulted him.

Though it is usually assumed that all vampires are frightened of garlic, cottonwood cola, and sunlight, one of the creators of novels or movies, creating their vampire universe with its particularities and laws, occasionally disproves all these labels.

Vampires in films and virtual games

Film producers and animators like creating narratives about vampires. Numerous books have been written about vampires. It is no wonder they have become such regular visitors of virtual games.

The most prominent installation about vampires can be called those that improved the image of vampires into a cult and even glamorized it. Though there were other pieces in which vampires emerged before the emergence of Bram Stoker's novel Dracula, it was Bram Stoker who created the persona of the vampire into the wider culture. All other novelists, who wrote about vampires were led by his masterpieces.

The most common vampire images that later transferred to vampire games were crammed with the pieces of Stephenie Meyer "Twilight", books by Anne Rice, "Buffy" and "Angel". Next, the series "The Vampire Diaries" was published, which became very widespread, and pictures from this series transferred to vampire games.

Characteristics of vampire games

Although, the key image of the vampire in vampire games continues to be the animated image. This is every time a bad character, from which one must be saved, one must battle against him applying conventional devices - silver grenades and a cottonwood stake.

The vampire image is applied by vampire games of numerous categories. Adventure games, shooters, and traditional arcade games are very common in this genre. Although, you can also discover vampires in logic games, particularly if they are associated with finding a way out of a labyrinth or a locked space.

Numerous storylines of vampire games are associated with Romanian fortresses in Transylvania, where vampires resided. There Count Dracula was born. Consistent with the plot of such games, the hero of the game must defeat a vampire in this fortress, and for this, he must go through a tricky dangerous mission.

Ways of handling vampires vary depending on what type of concept a specific ethnic group has about a vampire. But everyone concurs on numerous rules of fighting vampires: a vampire is eternal and cannot grow old, his age can extend to several thousand years. However, you may defeat a vampire. This is done with a cottonwood stake in the heart, fire, or decapitalizing the vampire.