About Monster High Games

When Bratz dolls emerged on the prospect of fashion dolls, Mattel sensed the doll market glide through its fingers. It was needed to do something to maintain the leadership. And then there were Monster High dolls and monster high games.

What are Monster High dolls?

A set of fashion dolls, created in 2010 by Mattel, which also manufactures Barbie dolls, is not unintentionally named Monster High. These dolls, as well as monster high games designed based on their images, have the most explicit connection to monsters.

This exceptional series of dolls were invented by Garrett Sander, designer, and Kellee Riley, artist.

The Monster High doll series is encouraged by horror films and stories about mythical beasts, fairy tales that also speak about monsters.

Independently, monster high games have been created to help the brand for a range of platforms. Based on the pictures of the series of toys, books were invented and cartoons and series about dolls were shot.

What are the characteristics of Monster High dolls?

These dolls are only 25 cm in size, but eleven hinges were employed to produce their bodies, with which their limbs can revolve. The faces of the dolls of this brand were particularly thoroughly conceived and built, the face sculpture and skin tone of these dolls are distinctive.

A showcase of these dolls can also be thought that you can remove parts of the hands in the forearm and the hands so that it is more appropriate to put clothes on them. You can also detach distinctive elements such as gills, fins, or wings.

There is also a series of dolls that are taller and larger than the initial series. Two dolls were published solely and have a hinge in the chest: Frankie and Draculaura.

Monster high games characters

Among the Monster High dolls that have been employed to create monster high games is Frankie Stein, who is Frankenstein's daughter. Also, it is Draculaura, Count Dracula's lately 1600-year-old daughter. Also, it is Clawdeen Wolf, whose parents are werewolves. Additionally, it is Lagoona Blue, whose father is a sea monster. Additionally, it is Cleo de Nile and Nefera de Nile, whose dad is the Egyptian pharaoh Ramses de Nile, Ghoulia Yelps, whose parents are monsters, Deuce Gorgon, whose mom is Medusa Gorgon, Toralay Stripe, a motorcyclist and a lycanthrope cat, Abby Bominable, father which is Bigfoot.

There are also monster-high games in the lineup and masculine creatures called Masters. The definitive list of monster-high games creatures has not yet been established, as new dolls from this line arrive every year. The main designers and producers of monster high games are the Little Orbit team, but on game portals, you can get many games of various categories, in which the personalities are Monster High. There are games for every taste and every age. But trendy monster high games are particularly in demand, in which you can try various dresses on your beloved dolls, make them haircuts and makeup.