About Assassin Games

The Assassin Games online collected for you in this section are based on Assassin's Creed - multi-platform entertainment in the action-adventure genre from the French company Ubisoft.

Who are the Assassins?

The first toy of the mentioned series was released in 2007 and was more than favorably received by gamers, because of which it received several equally interesting sequels. And in October 2014, Ubisoft published a report according to which the entire line of games named Assassin's Creed became the most successful franchise of the corporation in its entire existence and has sold seventy-seven million copies.

In 2010, several short cartoons were released, talking about individual episodes of the life of the main characters of the game, and the premiere of the full-length film "Assassin's Creed" is scheduled for December 2016.

Each Assassin game is created in the genre of action-adventure and reproduces one of the episodes of the general plot of the series. It is about the irreconcilable religious war between the Order of the Knights Templar and the Islamists (it was they who were called assassins in the Middle Ages), which lasted more than one century.

Assassin myths in the plot of assassin games

In most cases, assassin game plots are centered on various stories, tales, and fables that speak about what the Assassins were like.

One of the most prevalent fictions is linked with the creator of the edict, Hasan ibn Sabbah, who arranged his first murder: on his directive, a man masquerading as a traveler murdered the Seljuk vizier Nizam al-Mulk, who was his fellow student. This daring killing was executed just in the castle of the vizier.

The bastion of the Order of the Assassins was the castle of Alamut, which they seized so promptly and resolutely that not a dip of blood was leaked.

The Assassins were named clandestine murderers, although they arranged their actions so that they got as much exposure as possible.

What were the Assassins and what did they look like?

With the help of the fantastic Animus machine, the protagonist Desmond Miles, a descendant of medieval Islamist fanatics, reads information from the DNA of his ancestors and plunges headlong into the events of bygone days.

Its main goal is to find out where the ancient assassins hid the "Pieces of Eden" - super-powerful universal equipment created by the First Civilization. You need to have time to get to it before the Templars to defeat the latter and prevent the end of the world predicted by the prophets of the past. Whether this brave great-great-great-grandson of the Assassins will succeed largely depends on how skillfully and skillfully you play.

For boys interested in weapons, a real surprise has been prepared in the game menu: as you progress through the levels, more and more types of weapons will open - from hidden knives and poisoned darts to bombs, crossbows, machine guns, and smoke bombs. The arsenal also contains swords, axes, and even... super-powerful computers. What did you want? 21st century in the yard, after all. Believe me, it will be incredibly interesting to play.