About Pacman Games

Pacman games do not require to be presented, since everyone knows a Pacman character.

What are Pacman games?

Pac-Man or Pac-Man is a game that fits in the arcade category. The author and inventor of this game are Namco from Japan. This is one of the old traditional games, which instantly attracted so many players across the globe.

The core of Pacman games is that the Pacman person must walk around the labyrinth and consume all the spots in this labyrinth. The player regulates Pacman utilizing the keyboard key or buttons and makes sure that Pacman does not encounter phantoms, which are flying in the labyrinth, and they move around, trying to hit the central character. Meeting with spirits leads to Pacman’s death, that is, the loss of one life.

The game is planned so that with every higher level only the game comes to be more complex. The design of the labyrinth stays untouched. The designers thought up 256 levels of Pacman games. A highlight of the last level is that it cannot be finalized because an overflow error happens.

The development of Pacman games

Since the 70s of the previous centuries the central part of virtual games was concentrated mostly on men and was distributed in form of shooters, one of the Namco workers had the idea to create a game that would also be liked by females, and in fact, would be in demand among gamers of all ages.

Curiously, Pacman games did not attain much fame in their native country in Japan. But the game was very enthusiastically met by Western players. People of all ages particularly liked the fact that there was no aspect of bloodshed in this game. The fame of Pacman games started to expand, and soon the designers invented game alternatives for any gaming platform.

Pacman Games Rules

The rules of the game are pretty easy: Pacman should move around the labyrinth, consume circles and prevent meeting with ghosts. The player needs to know that the ghosts in the game are given for various kinds and they act differently. There is a phantom of Blinky red, it is concentrated on the chase of Pacman, can boost its speed due to swallowed points. A pink ghost sits in ambush and chases down a Pacman. And likewise, there is a blue ghost Inky, the movement of which is hard to calculate, so it is the most hazardous among phantoms.

From the very moment of its publication, Pacman games retain statistics of player records. There is even a man who set a Pacman games record of 3,333,360 after passing 256 levels, and throughout this time he did not lose a single life, gathered all power-ups and points, and damaged ghosts. This occurred on July 3, 1999, and this man was named Billy Mitchell.

Intriguingly, the designer and inventor of the game, Toru Ivatani, did not earn much money from inventing such a popular game, which is now categorized as a classic: the creator of the game got only a tiny advantage for generating this game.

After the publication of the initial game, many editions and adaptations of Pacman games began to be produced. The Pacman game was named the most legendary game in the history of the development of computer games, and Pacman himself receive the title of the most legendary character from video games.