About Armor Games

The Armor Games category inherited its name from a well-known game maker of the same name. Since 2004, the company has been one of the leaders in the field of game development.

To date, the company has gained widespread recognition around the world. Its brand is one of the most recognizable brands of games. Every devoted gamer will know what kind of company it is when they see the logo of the sword and shield, which can also be accompanied by a characteristic jingle when running many games.

History of Armor Games

Since its inception, the company has always enjoyed great success among players, because it presents its customers with very popular and interesting flash games. The company is originally from California but has already become famous for its activities around the world. The key to the company's success is its talented employees, who together develop the coolest games in the industry.

Those who have not heard of this company before may think that Armor Games is just about games in any way related to Armor. But this is not the case, because the provider creates games of different categories that interest players of all ages and genders. It can be both shooting and logic games. And most importantly, they have always been completely free. Armor Games was convenient because on the platform you could create your profile and not only play games, but also communicate with other players.

Today, Armor Games sponsors such large gaming projects as GemCraft and Kingdom Rush line, and others.

Characteristics of Armor Games

Armor Games have gained wide popularity not only because they are free, but also because during the game you will hardly see ads, and the developers have taken care of quality graphics and visuals of the games. Armor Games easily adapt to any device and will provide you with real aesthetic pleasure. Another thing that unites all Armor Games is that you will plunge into the battle. No matter what, it can be a battle of robots, transport, or athletes. Here you can feel like a real general, in whose hands is the fate of the whole army, and only you decide how to end this or that military battle.

Examples of Armor Games

Tanks A Lot! is one of the most famous games in the Armor Games category. Its essence is simple. At the beginning of the game, you choose a tank for yourself, customize it, equip it with weapons and other tools. And then you enter the arena, where there are already many other players with their tanks. Your task is to fight them and try to win. This game is recognized as one of the best in the Armor Games category.

The game Jet Lancer takes you a few dozen meters up to the battle arena. Yes, you will take part in an air battle. But it will not be just a fight, and you will be sent on a real mission to intercept an enemy aircraft. The game adds interest to the fact that all the events take place in the future, where many nanotechnologies have already been invented to help you in this difficult battle. You will interact with robots and be able to move at the speed of light.
NAUTICRAWL is another game with elements of fiction and the future. The situation is as follows: you are on another planet, but it is quite hostile to you. So, you need to master an unusual car and use it to escape from that planet. Be careful because no one knows what to expect from this car. There is no time to study, so you immediately must come up with something on the spot.