About Tetris Games

It is difficult to understand that there is a minimum of one individual on the globe who would not know what Tetris games are. This game turned out to be so widespread after it was released that it is still employed as a source of motivation not only by the designers of new contemporary computer games but also by novelists, artists, and movie directors.

What are Tetris games?

Tetris is a virtual game; its name derives from the combination of two words - "tetromino" and "tennis". This is a riddle in which the geometric forms of the tetromino are utilized to play, which involve four squares. Nowadays this game has become a trend, since there is not a particular gaming platform on which it would not be employed, or games generated on its base would not be generated.

Now Tetris games can be played even on devices that were not initially meant for games. Each TV set has Tetris games.

The development of Tetris games

The game Tetris was devised by a computer scientist from the Academy of Sciences of the Soviet Union back in 1984, even the precise day is renowned - June 6. He is called Alexey Pajitnov. The motivation for this game was the board game polyomino. The game was created in the programming language Pascal and first emerged on the Elektronika-60 computer platform. Next, a business version was published by an American firm, after which Tetris started to be distributed in the gaming universe rapidly.

Tetris games were particularly common on pocket gaming gadgets, on which both Tetris itself, snake-type games, and other riddles were established. These gadgets had monochromatic graphics and a simple soundtrack. Although even the soundtrack of Tetris games has become so legendary that now each user identifies a Tetris song from the extremely first sounds.

Tetris games principle

Lots of players appreciate Tetris because it has extremely easy rules of the game, which do not take a long time to learn. But simultaneously, Tetris is a strong riddle that educates the brain, mind, reaction speed and involves rational thinking.

The principles of the game are very easy. A playing field appears in front of the gamer, onto which geometric figures gradually fall from the upper part of the screen, containing four squares combined in various versions. The player must push these figures as they move down and turn them over so that they form a separate line at the bottom of the playing field. If an entire line is composed, then it vanishes from the playing field. The player himself gets additional points for this to his score.

If the gamer cannot compose the items into single lines, then they start to stack on top of one another, because of which the level becomes higher and higher. Once the falling item touches the top level of squares, the game is over. The principle of the game is to hold out as much as you can by combining pieces and eliminating lines. Progressively the game becomes trickier, the speed of the fragments falling is accelerating.
There are many various options for Tetris games today. It is presented in color, the items have become large and gorgeous, often the squares are restored with balls, stars, and other items.