About Water Games

Summer is the best time of the year! You can walk on the street until dawn, bask in the warm sun, sunbathe on the hot sand, or swim in the sea. If you are a fan of outdoor activities, then you will surely like the idea of spending your holidays riding down a water slide. But do not go there in splendid isolation. Heroes of these water games can give you good company. These young people are going to have plenty of fun, and they want to do this by riding a water slide!

But in order to ride, they need to choose the right clothes that will not hamper their movements and which they will be comfortable playing sports in. But do not forget that the images should not only be as comfortable as possible, but also stylish. Since each of these heroes considers himself as stylish as possible, their wardrobes are stocked with various outfits. Choose the most beautiful image for each hero by trying on various items of clothing. Make sure that each piece blends well, and fits perfectly into the atmosphere where all the fun happens. Be attentive to the selection of the image so that boys and girls have fun on the water slides and do not think about their wardrobe.

In the water games you can have a great time with your friends on the water slides. The main character of the game is a charming baby girl who loves to ride a water slide. It’s all she wants to do in her free time. But, unfortunately, she does not know what to wear for this event. In her wardrobe there are lots of swimming suits and swimwear accessories. Your task is to choose the most suitable outfit for the girl. Carefully inspect each item from the baby’s wardrobe and try on it her. Combine different items of clothing to create the most suitable option for water sliding. Choose from the wardrobe only those things in which the girl will be comfortable while relaxing. In order to try on a particular wardrobe item, click on it with the left mouse button and drag it onto the baby.