About Panda Games

A panda is a charming animal. It doesn’t matter whether it is the famous Panda Panda from the cartoon Kung Fu Panda, or if it’s the common panda bear that’s found in China. In any case, this very cute, endearing animal is the inspiration behind many popular online games. Pandas are so pretty that the games whose main characters are pandas have a lot of fans around the world.

We know that you also love panda games too! Therefore, we’ve collected all such games of various genres—but always with pandas— in one large section just for you. Now it will be much more convenient for you to find and enjoy your favorite games.

The panda, in addition to being a very cute teddy bear and a popular cartoon character, is also a symbol of the World Wildlife Fund, an organization engaged in the protection of wild animals around the world. Yes, this is an important creature. And our panda games offer you a fascinating journey and a variety of adventures in which we are sure you will take part in with pleasure.

So, choose a game that you like, and begin to complete tasks with the black and white teddy bear. And if you're lucky, then the bear cub Po will play with you.

Do you remember the wonderful cartoon with the funny, clumsy panda bear named Po? Po enjoyed eating so much that everyone called him glutton and bumpkin. He cooked noodles very well, by the way, probably because he was the son of a cook. But then one day, when his native valley was in danger, the little bear Po turned into a martial arts master. And now he comes face-to-face with the merciless Tai Lung.

Who taught the Kung Fu Bear? Tigress, Monkey, Viper, Crane, and Praying Mantis. And now it's your turn: start playing panda games, and the little bear Po will teach you kung fu. We have collected for you the most vivid and interesting panda games about the little bear Po and other pandas.