About Match 3 Games

Among all virtual games, the match 3 games group is maybe the most wanted in the entire globe for representatives of all ages, any gender, and degree of education. Game makers themselves cannot tell what the mystery of match 3 games fame is. It is assumed that in each smartphone, tablet, and device, at least one of the match 3 games are expected. This category contains game hits such as Zuma or Candy Crush Saga.

The story of the match 3 games category

The computer genre of match 3 games is a game in which the game area is characterized by a lattice of components or a table within which components are positioned or appear. The player must use these components so that the model patterns that the game itself sets fit. After such a mixture matches, these elements will vanish from the grid.

The most notorious of match 3 games, which made this category legendary, was Bejeweled. This game began in 2001, and its predecessor was the game "Balls", recognized since 1994. But if you dig deeper, you can see the legendary Tetris as the game that stood at the roots of the category.

What makes match 3 games unique?

For games of the match 3 games classification, some elements are distinctive:

- match 3 games are intended for individuals over thirty-five years old, and mostly for women,
- these games are downloaded by users, these games require a small quantity of memory,
- match 3 games support categorically all platforms, even processors of the very first production,
- Shareware game download model: the entertainer plays for free either a particular period, or only in the preliminary set of functions, and later he is requested to pay to receive the rest.

It is also typical of such games that their game periods are brief, and the start of the game is not difficult by the constraints of some manipulations. The player can disrupt the game very effortlessly, and then go back to the game is also simple.

Another unique element: match 3 games inevitably save the game period, so that the player can go back to the game from the moment at which he ended.

Recognition of match 3 games

Games of this category are so trendy that if you take the top ten highest-grossing games of the year, then at least three examples of the match 3 games category will certainly be contained in this ten.

A lot of players ponder why these games are so trendy.

One of the explanations for this recognition, the investigators consider the matter is the extended gameplay, where besides the main game, players have the chance to move to other modes.

Another justification can be known as the skill of players to perform social communication through the game since in such games there is an occasion not only to receive bonuses but also to trade them, give them to one another, there are tables of the greatest gamers.

And the major mystery lies in the plainness of the rules of the game and the charm of the game development. The player does not require much thinking: he can play such games in transfer and at work, in-between cases, and this will not disturb him.