About Star Wars Games

The Star Wars franchise is not just huge. It’s incredibly huge, with dozens of films, TV shows, hundreds of different books, comics, musical compositions—and, of course, video games. The first game in the Star Wars universe appeared on Atari consoles and Apple computers in 1983. It was very simply called Star Wars. It was a simple rail shooter in which the player had to shoot from the perspective of various opponents.

Now, 37 years later, the Star Wars universe has dozens of games, both good and bad. I think that each of us has our own favorite Star Wars game. If you don’t have one yet, then it may appear very soon, because this weekend Respawn Entertainment (Titanfall, Apex Legends) will fully present Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order—an action movie that will take place between the third and fourth episodes of the saga. Given that Respawn creates great games, the project will at least be interesting. In honor of the upcoming announcement, we decided to recall the coolest games that were released throughout the entire existence of the franchise.

Despite the Star Wars universe being more action-oriented, in 2003 BioWare decided to go against the rules by creating a true RPG. The game gives you the opportunity to choose a class, pumping skills and attributes, and answer options in dialogs. All of this takes place in an extremely unusual plot: KOTOR events take place as far back as 4000 years before those described in the cinematic universe, allowing us to look at our beloved universe from a completely different angle. The players learn the secrets of the ancient Sith and experience a world inhabited by thousands of Jedi. The plot itself is powerful.

As for the gameplay, it is also non-standard. At any time, the battle can be stopped to give instructions to team members or to activate a savvy skill. Or you can stop using the pause button altogether, turning the game into a purebred action. There is also a karma system in the game: over time, the main character can evolve into a Sith or Jedi, which will allow him access to exciting new skills and quests.

KOTOR is that rare case when the game can be recommended to absolutely everyone. It doesn’t matter if you like RPGs, action games, races, or strategies. This is a game far ahead of its time. And of course, any self-respecting Star Wars fan must experience it!