About Horse Games

There are many animals in the world, but horses are recognized as the most noble and beautiful. Strong, hardy, fast—horses remind us of knightly battles, crazy races, and, of course, victories in horse games. But how do you win on horses in our modern, technical world? Again, funny and useful games about horses come galloping to the rescue.

Horse games allow us a wealth of communication with these magnificent animals. Playing can easily be at the royal tournament, in the Egyptian desert, on the road to the North Pole, or even in the sky. Or just on a farm. Depending on the wishes of the gamer, the plots of the game are nearly endless!

Boys will like active games where you can choose ammunition, quickly ride a Thoroughbred, and easily defeat all rivals. Girls are more attracted to the economy and creativity. For them, farm projects have been created, where you can raise horses and take care of them. We’ve also created drawing and puzzle developmental games.

We offer a huge selection of horse games, each with a different story. And in every game, the main character is a smart, beautiful horse who is ready to help people!