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The sun, water, beach and sea of fun! It is under this motto that each of us wants to spend the whole summer. After all, how nice it is to bask in the warm rays, splash in the water or frolic on a water slide. In the game "" we will go to the water park and arrange real races. To start the game, you need to enter your nickname. Then press the start and in a second you will descend from the steepest water slide. There will be many other players around you who will try to overtake you. To win, you must first dive into the pool at the finish. It may seem simple, but in fact, everything is far from the case. You need to deftly maneuver during turns. After all, they can be used to accelerate. But one awkward movement and you can fall out of the slide and lose. Along the way, you need to be careful and avoid obstacles that may slow you down. After all, just a couple of seconds can be decisive. Someone more agile and enterprising can overtake you and take first place. But do not despair! Just a few training descents and you will become a pro. Enjoy the game and good luck!

Watch how to play: