About Detective Games

If you like puzzles and frightening mysteries, then detective games are exactly what you require. These games have the whole lot: mysteries that need to be resolved, complex concepts in which you must get the thread of the correct thoughts, and in these games, there is constantly room for a feat, because someone’s life varies on whether you get the villain or not.

Who enjoys detective games?

Do you like rumors, plots, inspections? Then games of this genre are right for you. And do not suppose that these are just boring virtual games. These are doors that lead to unusual places: you never understand where you will turn out to be.

Do you like expeditions? Do you like when you are confronted with unsolvable troubles? When it seems that solutions to problems cannot be discovered - is it all so difficult? But you still do not plan to give up, and keep on following the path?

Greetings, you are a true detective. And all these detective games are your globe that awaits when you dive into it with your head.

Legendary detectives – characters of detective games

If you like the job of detective or investigator, then obviously you know who was the most prominent investigator in the history of humankind?

Let's think of these individuals, because they were exceptional characters on all sides, had an exceptional mind and were able to solve almost any crime.

The first name, which comes to mind is Sherlock Holmes. This is just a fictional character, but there is a version that this fictional character had a true prototype, which had a lot of abilities, including a strong intellect and curious thinking.

A true person and an incredible detective were Eugene Francois Vidoc. Curiously, before becoming an investigator, he was a convict. But then he left his illegal business and became a private investigator. Vidok is deemed to be the creator of the contemporary criminal investigation department.

But the legendary detective Auguste Dupin did not live in the real world - he was created by detective novelist Edgar Alan Poe. Additionally, a fictional hero is Miss Marple, which was created by Agatha Christie.

What categories are found in detective games?

Becoming a detective is true, you only must correctly prepare your psyche and resolve as many complicated difficulties as possible. Detective games are appropriate for this. In these games, many exciting game categories are gathered at once. First, these are journeys, which involve missions of various complexity levels.

Also, among detective games, there are many games for searching for objects, because it is what these detectives continually must do. Another extremely ordinary category is adventure games with logical assignments, mazes, and similar games. The stories can be very different, but they all are connected to the crime and must examine it.

But the closest to life are the games of a detective simulator: in these games, you may test the role of a secret detective, operate on his place, and try to find the villain by employing a rational technique of thinking.