About Monster Games

One of the most fantastic headings is Monster games. Here you will play with many representatives of the other world; you will get acquainted by learning their habits, learning to fight evil spirits, or by making friends with them. Once in the Monster School, its inhabitants no longer seem scary if you only talk to them a little. But in the classic version, they attack you and you need to defend yourself. Any means of defense will do: machine guns, pomegranates, even vegetables that you will grow in your yard. One-on-one battles cannot be avoided, and you sometimes come out against the monsters wielding only a knife.

You can wage war against monsters in any way. Some zombies are even afraid of garden crops, and you can defeat them with peas, cherries, and other plants growing on the porch of the house. It’s easier to deal with others by firing a machine gun or blowing off a saber head. It is not superfluous to lay an explosive shell, wait for the crowd of zombies to become thicker, and then undermine them.

There is no place for evil guests on our planet, and we target aliens quickly and specifically, shooting their ships, destroying them on the ground, and catching them in the water. Let them go home if they can’t live together.

In walkers you have to explore all the nooks and crannies of a room or open area, looking for hidden enemies of humanity. Keep your weapons at hand to deliver a crushing and decisive blow to the suddenly-jumping monster. It’s important not to be confused or afraid of his roar, prickly eyes, huge teeth, and razor-sharp claws. Some may spit acid, so be ready to jump on time.

Sometimes, to kill a monster, you need to quickly click on it, as in the case of the game clickers. They do not attack, but wait passively while you commit your vendetta. For each defeated monster, there are points, and gradually you can increase your amazing ability.