About Boat Games

We present to you our selection of boat games, where there are endless familiar topics that people used to play on board games and slot machines. Now you can play them online, absolutely free. But before you indulge in relaxation scenes on yachts and boats, sea battle is the first order of business! Boat games can be enjoyed together with friends, or alone where you then entrust the role of the enemy to your computer. You can ride a pleasure boat or go fishing. Submarines open up a new world of possibilities, and spaceships carry us to unprecedented heights.

Boat games ship us away on distant voyages across the seas, where there is always a mass of adventures requiring courage and mutual assistance. Sometimes the trip lasts so long that the sailors forget the look of land; when they finally hit beaches again, the land seems to swing under their feet, like the deck of a ship. People have long-conquered the expanses of water and learned to resist the raging elements, catch seafood, and fight on ships equipped with guns. In the section Boat games, you will visit a pirate ship, and together with these distant wanderers, you will attack, rob, and kill. The life of a pirate boils down to boarding a loaded merchant ship, getting rich at its expense, and destroying or selling the team into slavery. Of course, you will meet Jack Sparrow, who values and defends his Black Pearl. Standing at the head of his gangster team, he again sets off on a dangerous journey to unknown islands, in search of countless buried treasures. On the way to meeting Jack, you encounter sea monsters and other unsavory characters who are in the service of the state and called to destroy people like Jack Sparrow. They are always waiting for him.