About Tower Defense Games

This section is devoted to the tower defense genre, which appeared on the internet relatively recently. An offshoot of real-time strategy games, the main purpose of tower defense games is to protect your castle or fortress from enemy troops by using towers.

The first bright representatives Tower Defense Games appeared in the famous Starcraft strategies, and later, Warcraft 3; these were just additional level maps. Naturally, the developers of these strategies used the pre-existing ideas, and there were a number of similar arcades that did not gain very much popularity. The genre has gained serious distribution since then withn the browser version. Classical patterns of direction usually include a number of integral elements, such as: the road along which opponents move; towers or cannons as the main defensive weapons; and your castle or base, with the possibility of upgrades. However, the development of original works that go beyond standard boundaries, do not contain roads at all, and increase the number of human actions are beginning to appear. A prime example Tower Defense Games is the popular Storm the House.

Now, developers are increasing the volume as well as adding new, interesting components, such as: role-playing parts, expanded construction, and troop recruitment. One of the latest popular innovations is Gemcraft.