About iPad Games

This genre of games involves games that are developed for the iPad. How are they distinct from the game for ordinary tablets? Let's understand this.

What is an iPad?

Our century is just crazy about the speed of technology. Have not yet got used to one novelty, as the next appears, and behind it another...

So, it was with smartphones, iPhones, and iPad. Only understood and accepted iPhones, how smartphones appeared. And in a few months, the media is already full of reports about a new gadget - the iPad. What is the iPad, consider in more detail? After all, you need to know what it is about and what it is.

IPad is a tablet computer or, as they say, a tablet. This is something in between a laptop and a smartphone. It is a large screen in aluminum housing. The button is only one and it performs the same functions as on the iPhone.

All other communication between the user and the gadget is via a touch screen that supports multi-touch (recognizes touch at several points on the screen, that is, you can simultaneously type text with several fingers, work with menus, etc.).

Interesting facts about iPad

The idea of creating a portable tablet computer arose among the employees of the corporation in 1988 - during the competition for the most original and interesting PC design for future users.

Charging an iPad costs, no more than $ 1 a year. Experimentally, it was found that the full charge cycle of the device (from 0 to 100%) for 12 months is about 12 kW / h of electricity. Considering the current price of electricity in the world, the cost of maintaining the tablet does not exceed 1 dollar.

The iPad broke all records immediately after it went on sale in 2010. More than 300,000 devices were sold on the first day. However, the impressive figure fades against the background of the fact that over the next 30 days, the tablets were owned by more than 1 million users.

Most Popular iPad Games

Modern tablet computers, such as the iPad, are ubiquitous not only for work and social networking but also for games.

Most users are attracted to games for the iPad, in which the plot of the game develops quite quickly, but some like to constantly think and make logical moves, which distinguishes the various directions of toys.

However, Hidden Object and Racing genres hold the lead among games that can be downloaded for tablets.

This is fully justified by the specifics of the gadget, namely by the fact that there is the possibility of touch interaction with any part of the display. Also, that as a control, you can use an accelerometer (device tilt sensor).

And thanks to multitouch technology, games for tablets have appeared that can be played simultaneously by two players using one device.