About Astronaut Games

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Who are astronauts?

The cosmonaut's profession is special, it makes very high demands on a person. An astronaut must, first of all, have excellent health.

He has to work in unusual conditions: during launching into orbit, and especially when returning to Earth, considerable overloads act on him. Thus, a tenfold overload means that an astronaut, for example, with his weight of 80 kg, feels his weight equal to 800 kg.

And in orbit, he finds himself in conditions of weightlessness, completely unusual for a person who was born and lives in conditions of the earth's gravity.

To maintain high efficiency in these conditions and the possibility of rapid adaptation of the organism when returning to Earth, the cosmonaut, being in the spacecraft, must engage in heavy physical exercises for several hours a day.

Who Can Become an Astronaut?

An astronaut must be a courageous and courageous person, resourceful in any situation, be able to quickly understand and make the right decisions in a rapidly changing environment. Each launch into space is a flight into an environment hostile to humans, where vacuum, weightlessness, and radiation lethal to humans reign.

And although in a spacecraft or at an orbital station the astronaut is protected by a strong impenetrable body, the conditions of life that are almost familiar to humans are created inside for him, unforeseen emergencies can occur on Earth during tests of space technology, and in space, and when returning to Earth.

The twenty-five-year chronicle of manned space flights contains not only heroic but also tragic pages.

What astronaut games do we have?

The mysterious and boundless space of space has always excited human minds. Distant planets, satellites, asteroids, black holes and the likelihood of the existence of other races in the Universe attracts both ordinary people and scientists.

The incomprehensible mysteries of space make humanity admit incredible theories and crazy guesses. But why should we guess if we can comprehend the entire universe in the "Space" section?

Here you will find the most exciting games of various genres: multiplayer, platformer, adventure, horror, shooters, and more. You will control space squadrons and attack space fleets of enemies, travel among the stars, escape from secret laboratories and explore the endless space of space.

Show your strengths and improve your characters in all sorts of ways. Agility, intelligence, and subtle flair will help you cope with any task.

Sit at the helm of the starship and smash all enemies to smithereens. Let everyone know who the real hero is!