About Rally Games

This section presents online games in the rally racing genre. Become a rally driver right now, play Rally Games for free and without registration!

What is a rally?

Among flash games, games related to the racing genre are very popular. This genre has many categories and subspecies that cover different types of racing. One of the most common categories of this genre is rally-style racing.

The main feature and difference of such races from the rest are that they take place over long distances and on rough terrain. However, there are also special rally tracks. All of this can be seen inside rally games, which recreate various prototypes of rally racing tracks.

Rally games history

On July 22, 1894, the newspaper "Le Petit Journal" organized a competition among car owners on the route from Paris to Rouen. The event was preceded by 4 days of vehicle exhibition and qualifying races, which caused a huge stir and excitement.

Eight 50-kilometer races were envisaged to select the participants of the main event - the 127-kilometer race. The first to cross the finish line was Count Jules-Albert, but since the car was steam and required a fireman, he was disqualified. The winner was Albert Lemaitre in a petrol Peugeot (3 hp). But the main prize of 5,000 francs was given not to the fastest, but to the one whose car would be the easiest to use.

Anyone could take part in this competition in a "horseless vehicle" by paying 10 francs. 102 crews expressed their desire both on production vehicles and on homemade products. 78 carriages could not even come to the qualifying events; of the remaining, only 21 crews passed the qualification. The race lasted almost 7 hours, and the average speed was 19 km / h.

What rally games do we have?

For races, specialized cars or especially modified racing and passenger cars are used. Each such car is completely individually designed and equipped based on the characteristics of a particular game track. Driving on game tracks or rough terrain, cars work in non-standard, and sometimes even in extreme conditions, which will require high technical characteristics. The player needs to select a car with a good ratio between the speed he develops and the degree of controllability. Ideally, this ratio should be in such a balance so that the car can confidently outrun opponents and, at the same time, overcome sharp turns without overturning and strong drifts.

In some cases, there are such situations that the main danger and obstacle is not the track or the terrain, but other riders. To avoid an imminent collision in time, rally cars are equipped with a powerful hand brake to prevent an accident in an emergency.