About Third Person Shooter Games

These games are created mainly for boys who love realistic games with a bunch of weapons. Suddenly you wanted to shoot well. No problems!

Characteristics of the category third person shooter games

Online third person shooters are multiplayer-focused games in which players play the role of a protagonist, whose key task is battles with various opponents, performed from a third person viewpoint. In such games, as the name implies, gamers must shoot in most cases - both at hostile NPCs and at other players.

In these games, a bunch of different weapons awaits their brave heroes. Cannons, submachine guns, bazookas, crossbows, rifles and bombs, pistols, and machine guns, as well as a fantastic combat arsenal is already loaded and ready for action!

You can play the role of famous comic book heroes, professional action films, armed soldiers, and even famous heroes from Minecraft.

Fierce shootouts with other players await you, as well as exciting combat missions to rescue survivors, missions for secret agents, and more. You can play as a sniper, base defender, secret assassin, or the last survivor. Fight against zombies to stop the end of the world. Play as a spy who must get to a secret base. Fight on the side of the special forces against a whole group of terrorists! In general, hot battles await you, which you cannot do without weapons and ammunition. Do you want to learn how to shoot well and accurately? Then, quickly start playing Third Person Shooter Games!

The first-person view is the norm for online shooters. However, not everyone likes the prospect of watching on the screen only a piece of a machine gun and a stub of a hand. Yes, this view is the best for identifying with the character of the game, but third person shooters, where the player sees his character in full, are fraught with many possibilities that are not available in ordinary MMOFPS.

In addition to the fact that you can always find out what haircut your hero has or how much the shape of the heroine corresponds to fashion trends (which is a serious incentive for many), MMOTPS (an abbreviation comes from "third-person shooter") allows you to significantly expand the possibilities of gameplay.

Here you can recall a wider viewing angle, and a system of shelters, and all sorts of jumps, rolls, rolls, and a wide variety of styles, ranging from classic to frankly cartoonish. Unsurprisingly, third person online games have an army of fans comparable to MMOFPS (if not more).

History of third-person shooter games

2D third person shooters have been around since the very first PC games, Spacewar! (1962). The same third person view is presented in such game clones as Galaxy Game (1971) and Computer Space (1971)!

Konami's run'n'gun shooter Contra (1987) features multiple levels in a third person standpoint as the gamer tries to fight their way across adversary stations. In one more third person shooter from Konami, Devastators (1988), the character does not necessarily go ahead, instead, the player must press the up button to move the hero, while items in the background are scaled to make a zoom effect.

Released in 2010, Platinum Games' Vanquish features gameplay redolent of the so-called "manic" shooters, where grenades and rockets fly from all paths.

During its presence, third person shooter games have been one of the most common categories of Internet games.