Winx Club Games

The fairy is a lovely little creature with sparkling wings and an adorable upbringing. This is how you can describe the members of the Winx Sorceress Club.

You can only meet fairies in real life at Winx games

Sometimes it happens that little girls and boys do not even realize that they have magical powers. However, there comes a time when their lives change, and they become wizards and sorceresses. The planet where the Winx fairies live is very similar to ours. The forces of good and evil constantly collide here.

In times of misfortune and misfortune, little fairies go to Earth to hide from adversity.

This situation happened to one of the fairies named Bloom. Since childhood, she adored everything mysterious and unknown, read magic books, and wanted to learn how to control magical abilities. She was able to realize her dream by going to the school of sorceresses and creating the Winx club. Since then, small but brave fairies from this club have been fighting evil, protecting various worlds from bad magicians and sorcerers.

Meet the fairy girls from Winx club games

In the section "Winx Games" you will find games based on the animated series of the same name. Here you can play with all the Winx Club wizards, as well as meet their boyfriends.

If you adore animals, then you will have the opportunity to acquire the same pet as the little fairies. Play with Bloom, Stella, Flora, Muse, Tecna, and Leila to learn beautiful makeup techniques, attend fun parties, meet a rabbit named Kiko, and even learn how to fly. During your journey into the world of magic, you will face the witch Trix and the sorcerer Darkas and will be able to test your magic skills and apply the spells you have learned.

Winx often test their strength. Each of them can receive a new power of Harmonics. But for this to work, you need to go through a whole mission, this game was made according to the fifth season.

Winx club games plot and locations

Winx love it when they wear something or do something for their new style. Winx has been used to dressing since childhood when their magic parents did everything, they could to make fairies look gorgeous. Every Winx can create a new look for themselves. But in these games, you can demonstrate all your not only design skills but also magical ones.

You also can put together pictures of our favorite Winx cartoon characters from puzzles. Winx puzzles will allow you not only to mentally train your skills but also to spend time interestingly on a useful, developing activity. Sometimes you just need to substitute a few missing details in the picture, but you always need to remain very attentive, observant, contemplative. The essence of the gameplay is to correctly select all the necessary elements and lay them by the drawing.

Fairies: Stella, Bloom, and Muse decided to go shopping to buy a couple of new things. We assure you, you have never seen such a fashion race! All the girls are in a hurry because by tonight they should look just incredibly beautiful. If, you want to help the Winx fairies! Then go ahead, here you will find an unusual race for fashion! First, you need to select one of the fairies. Then make her beautiful makeup, hair. Then choose a beautiful evening dress and suitable accessories. When the image is complete, you can start transforming other girls who have already been waiting for you. Good luck!