About Frog Games

Lakes, rivers, ponds are the habitats of green creatures that croak and feed on insects all the time. Frogs. How many fairy tales have been written about them, how many cartoons have been filmed and tales have been invented about these green creatures. And how many games there are about frogs and do not count.

Frog is the main character of frog games

Today we offer the worthiest game called Frogs. Games from Frog category is a story about jumping, slippery and dodgy creatures. But do not be afraid of them. In the Frog game category, they are cute and friendly. You can have fun with them in your free time and play. And what games do our frog friends know?

The main and favorite pastime of our heroes is traveling to different corners of the earth. Here they not only admire the beauty but also fight enemies and look for jewelry and treasures. Also, our heroes’ frogs love to catch flies and other insects, but what about without them. So here you can become a winged catching champion, just do not catch bees. Join the frog games and enjoy the adventures of funny heroes.

Fascinating facts about frogs

The biggest frog on our planet is the Goliath frog, several creatures of this species weigh more than three kilos and are over 90 cm long. These frogs can surmount three meters in one leap.

The tiniest frog existing on our globe resides in Cuba, and its size is only nine millimeters.

No less fascinating is the fact that frogs have a genuinely exceptional vision, thanks to a unique eye mechanism, they can look in various directions at the same time - up, sideward, and ahead.

One more fascinating point in the life cycle of frogs is that they do not close their eyes for a long time, even when they sleep.

Surprisingly, the moist and greasy skin of amphibians has high antiseptic and disinfectant characteristics. This property was often used by our ancestors and thrown into milk so that it does not turn sour.

Why are the developers of online frog games so fond of frogs?

The frog is a very interesting character. Developers of online games are very fond of using the frog Frogs are agile and jumpy creatures that many people often disdain.

However, do not be intimidated by games about frogs, because our green heroines are ready to show you not only their swamp but also the world beyond.

What exactly can you do with frogs in games? They travel on fabulous maps, fight villains, solve riddles and just relax, throwing colored balls. The most famous game frog is Zuma, which has long settled in the gadgets of modern people.

There are many variations of this game, and even a princess, saving an unfortunate toad from evil spells, can become the central hero. The more familiar insects also become companions of jumping characters.

Frog and flies appear in almost every free flash game, becoming either allies or enemies. Your frog traveler overcomes difficult trials, taking him into the colorful and simple world of online frog games, filled with many secrets and tons of fun!