About Cricket Games

When you think of cricket games, it constantly seems like we are speaking about some old sport or game. However, cricket is a contemporary sport that is extremely common in Europe. What is cricket?

Cricket is the National sport of England

The homeland of cricket games is England, where such a group game was created in the 16th century. The sport became so widespread that it was proclaimed a national sport in the 18th century. After the English colonies started to expand around the globe, cricket also began to circulate all over the planet.

The principle of cricket is a contest between two teams of eleven people each. They play cricket on a pitch coated with grass. The cricket games field must be elongated.

Cricket games guidelines

A unique characteristic of cricket games is that a field or a particular pitch made of the ground in the form of a rectangle is set on an elongated field. The field must have wood gates at the ends and should also be divided by stripes from the central area of the field.

By the rules of cricket games, teams must smash the ball by turns, play on the pitch. The objective of each team is to get more points than the adversary, so the team both gets points and stops its challengers from scoring points.

Participants in cricket games can perform the role of a bowler who distributes the ball, and they can be a hitter, to be precise, beat the ball with a bat.

Cricket games have an extremely widespread system of rules that you must understand extremely well to be able to play this game.

Development of cricket games

The history of this game is several centuries old. The first documentary mention of the prototype of cricket dates to the early XVI century - at this time there were reports of a game in which participants beat the ball with curved bats, resembling sticks.

There is written evidence from 1301 of a game called creag, played by Prince Edward, son of King Edward the Long-legged in Nevenden. However, there is no evidence that this was a form of cricket.

The earliest information about a game called "cricket" dates back to 1598 when 59-year-old coroner John Derrick testified in court that he mentioned that when he was a free school student in Guilford around 1550, he played with his comrades on communal land in "creckett" and other games.

For some reason, among other sports games, croquet has not yet become popular with us. Although there are many cricket competitions all over the world of varying degrees of prestige - from modest matches of little-known local teams to international championships. Do you want to not just play cricket, but become a participant in the World Cup? Then read the terms and conditions.

The screen is laid out like a cricket field. Your player has already taken the right place and took the bat. Wait for the ball to be thrown from the opposing player. The balls move along a certain trajectory, on the playing field, it is marked with dots. Try to hit the flying ball with a clear and precise shot. This is done with the mouse; you will have to try to get the ball back to the side of the field occupied by the opponent. This is worth points only if the ball you send is not intercepted. And your misses will bring additional points to the rival team. They will also receive them if they manage to intercept the ball. The winner is determined by the number of points received.