About Bratz Games

The Bratz games genre includes games in which the key heroes are world-renowned Bratz dolls. The development of the fame of Bratz dolls is a story that stunned the whole planet because many still cannot realize what the mystery of the fame of Bratz games is.

Bratz dolls and Bratz games

Bratz are tiny dolls, only 25 centimeters tall, which were distributed by the series by MGA Entertainment in 2001. Initially, there were only four Bratz dolls - Sasha, Cloe, Jade, and Yasmin. Soon, the quantity of Bratz girls in the anthology increased.

A showcase of these dolls was their look: the dolls' heads were made enlarged, and their bodies were intentionally slim. The dolls had vivid makeup on their faces, they had almond-shaped eyes and lips too big and plump.

Bratz dolls rapidly became extremely widespread, and their attractiveness began exactly from Europe: from Italy, France, and Spain. But a year after, the fame of these dolls captured the whole world.

Very rapidly, Bratz dolls became opponents of legendary Barbie dolls, they assertively took away from Barbie dolls their place as a manager in the toy market. Five years later, Bratz dolls held 40% of the doll market in the whole world.

Characteristics of Bratz dolls

Bratz dolls cannot be mixed up with others, since they are unique in their looks: they have a huge head and huge feet, but the body is small and slim, and the legs and arms are very skinny. You cannot detach your shoes from them, you can only detach the whole lower part of the leg.

Apart from those Bratz dolls that were distributed first, there are also Bratz Boyz, Bratz Babyz, Bratz Kids.

Additionally, very trendy were the Lil Bratz series and the fashion collection that was published particularly for them by Lil Bratz Couture.

Virtual doll life and Bratz games

After a specified social media was advanced for the Be-Bratz series dolls, and a flash drive was involved to the dolls themselves, using which the doll owner could generate a profile for his doll on this secret social media, Bratz dolls resolutely entered the Internet and Bratz games swamped the game universe.

The development of the Bratzillaz series of dolls, which were friends of the initial series of dolls, witches, improved the fame of the series. After that, the dynamic creation of animated series about Brats dolls, TV series, and video virtual games started.

Games in the genre of the Bratz games are characterized as the most common categories. Among them, everyone will find a game that he likes: there are journey games, walkways, and fascinating painting books, drawing games. Additionally, Bratz games are introduced in the genre of virtual logic games and riddles. But most of all Bratz games are designed in the genre of dress-up, makeover, and hairstyle games. Because the images of Bratz dolls are different and fascinating, players have the chance to test with their looks and clothes. In addition to the traditional initial clothing sets that the producer has brought to the market for every subject-based doll series, there are also lots of other models that players can test with at Bratz games.