Newgrounds Games

Newgrounds Games is the name of the games that are published on the website of the same name. A little about

This site presents not only games but also other interesting types of entertainment content that its users like. On the site, you can see many sections, which presents music, videos, games, and more.

A cool feature of the site is that it selects content for you that matches what you like. The mechanics are simple: you put likes where you want and based on your preferences you will get a new portion of content.

Newgrounds Site Development

The founder of this site is Tom Fulp. At the time of the establishment of the online platform, the man worked in the US state of Pennsylvania, and today the company's office is located there.

Date of foundation of the site - 1995. Tom Fulp considers it his goal to provide the maximum number of resources to anyone who wishes.

In 2010, the Newgrounds received its first large-scale award. It was in the top 50 most popular sites of the year.

The point of the Newgrounds platform

Users can upload content to any of the available categories: video, music, games, or art. Of course, before the material gets into the open experience, the specialists of the website review it and decide whether it violates any norms and rules of the site. Users who view content can rate it from 0 to 5. If users rate the content too low, it is removed from the site. However, reviews can be stored on the site indefinitely, even if the content to which they were written is deleted.

The site does not allow you to post someone else's content and does not allow you to post spam or content that it has not allowed or deleted at least once.

Another cool feature of the site is that it facilitates communication between users. They can join different communities and exchange ideas and opinions there.

What are Newgrounds games?

Games on the NewGrounds site occupy an honorable place. There are many categories of them, and each game is also rated by users. You can also play any game and leave your rating and feedback on it. And remember, your ratings also affect whether the game stays on this website in the future.

If you do not know what to play, the site will offer you to view the section with the most popular games for a certain period, or new games that have recently been added to the site. This way, newbies who have just posted their content have a good chance of being noticed.

As you can see, NewGrounds has clear policies and strict rules. If you break a rule, you may be denied access to the platform.

You can also view the section with the most popular games of all time. In case you do not know what to play, this selection becomes an ideal option to choose from.