About Japanese Games

The Japanese game’s genre involves a broad range of games of completely any category and direction. What connects Japanese games is the point that the protagonists in them are iconic personalities that Japan gave to the globe.

Japanese games heroes

The most prominent personalities in Japanese games come from anime because anime is the category that Japan created and presented to the world.

Some of the most legendary personalities in anime and Japanese games involve such iconic playable personalities as:

- Shinji Ikari from the Evangelion manga, a fourteen-year-old teenager who operates robots but is unable to speak with living persons;
- the latex man Monkey D. Luffy, navigating the treasure ship;
- the teenager who sees ghouls, Kurosaki Ichigo;
- Dragon Ball's Vegeta and Son Goku as they battle against Majin Buu and Cell;
- Arsene Lupine III is a delightful and fortunate burglar who has buddies the samurai Goemon and the shooter Jigen.

Iconic characters of virtual games from Japan

Among the heroes of virtual games that Japan gave to the entire world, some such protagonists have long gone beyond the boundaries of only Japanese personalities or only anime heroes and have become a humankind legacy. People in all areas of the globe and all languages recognize them.
Many Japanese games have been designed founded on such personalities. This is the legendary Totoro, the hairy and disheveled forest caretaker, who was created by the cult Japanese director Miyazaki. This is the delightful Usagi Tsukino, known as Sailor Moon. She battles against wickedness for the moon. It is additionally Pokémon Pikachu and all the other Pokémon that have become the most legendary virtual video game personalities ever. There are numerous fantastic virtual Japanese games in which the main personality is a ninja boy Naruto Uzumaki, inside of whom is a diabolic Fox. Speed Racer, the legendary sprinter who runs his Mach 5 supercar to win every medal in each contest, offers exhilarating events in the genre of the Japanese game. Space games are characterized by games with Spike Spiegel and his spacecraft Bebop. Another remarkable character, with whom many Japanese games have been invented, is Astro Boy or an automaton robot, whose infantile personality is merged with the superpowers of a robot - fantastic capacity, the capacity to fly, and the capability to speak all languages of the globe. And all the kids of the planet admire Hello Kitty - this creature also came to us from Japan.

What are the kinds of Japanese games?

Among Japanese games, combat games are commonly characterized, in which the central personalities are samurai and ninja. Both categories of warriors come to us from Japanese civilization. Samurai are fighters who are so dedicated to their teacher that they can take their own lives for him. Ninjas are specifically skilled murderers who can move with extraordinary dexterity and are ruthless in a fight.

Also, among Japanese games, there are several anime-based games of all categories: arcade and shooting games, fights and role-playing games, imaginative sketching and painting games, puzzle games, and dress-up games.