About Red Ball Games

Do you like journeys? If yes, we are happy to offer you the category of Red Ball games. Here you will discover a cocktail of thrilling journeys, dodgy mysteries, and bizarre characters.

What is Red Ball?

As you already realized, your hero will be a red ball. This small weirdo is simple in presentation, although a true protagonist is concealing under an everyday shell. He will unleash his capability in times of threat. One day a horrible thing occurred in the kingdom of balls.

Adversaries assaulted their territories and sought to seize and subjugate all the citizens of the round kingdom. The gray cubes intended to transform the red balls into their own and will perform their atrocities with the hands of the red balls.

But this will not take place while the red ball controls here. This small character sets out to greet the adversaries and here the most amazing journeys begin.

The gray cube is the enemy of the red ball

The ball has rough and devious adversaries, which are gray cubes. They are attempting with all their might to overcome the clan of balls and transform them into their sort. To endure their sneaky strategies with honor, you will have to show exceptional bodily shape: bounce, fly, plunge, and even teleport, as well as resolve imaginative puzzles and gather all types of bonuses. By playing the red ball, you will have a wonderful time with the entire family, since such games will attract even the tiniest gamers.

The secret to the popularity of red-ball games

Red ball games are enjoyable and exhilarating arcade games about the escapades of a delightful bright red ball.

He never stays still, always wants to be in the middle of actions, and heroically beats various adversaries that get in his way.

The central hero is a red ball, apparently resembling the character of the Russian folk tales Kolobok. However, unlike his brother, our protagonist is not so foolish and obvious. He retains shrewdness, responsiveness, ingenuity, and a noticeable rational mind, thanks to which he effortlessly circumvents dangerous snares and disguised traps.

We have gathered all the editions of the new series of games "Red Ball", which indicates that you will need to play not only with the buttons. Gray squares keep on puzzling tiny balls and create new outrages. For instance, they are seeking to kidnap the brave man beloved or go to war against the ball-shaped king. Only skilled gamers can obliterate their sinister plans.

Several parts of the game with the participation of the red ball are waiting for you. Namely: "Red Ball 1", "Red Ball 2", "Red Ball 3". But the most dangerous confrontation and the struggle for the life and well-being of the kingdom of red balls will take place in the games "Red Ball 4: Part 1", "Red Ball 4: Part 2", and "Red Ball 4: Part 3". Help a tiny character become a great hero!