About Baseball Games

Baseball Games as a sports games appeared quite recently but managed to gain incredible popularity around the world. People love to play baseball both in real life and online.

What is baseball?

Baseball is a sport that uses a ball. But its peculiarity is that players also use a bat. The baseball team consists of 9 players. The most popular baseball is in countries such as the United States, South Korea, China, Japan, and Cuba. And of course, this is not an exhaustive list, because this sport is loved around the world.

Baseball as a sport appeared 7 centuries ago in France. Who would have thought, but it was started by a priest. The game quickly became popular throughout Europe, and of course, changed over time in each country. There are many legends about baseball, but the most likely is the one we just told you.

The term "baseball" first appeared in the literature in the 1800s.

After that, baseball began to be enshrined in society more formally. Official rules were devised, and in 1869 the first baseball game was played.

Baseball championships are now being held around the world. But it was only in the 21st century that women were also admitted to championships.

Why does everyone love baseball so much?

Baseball is popular not only in the offline world but also on the Internet. The fact is that this game is inherent in American culture, which is popular among people around the world. Baseball is often covered in TV series, movies, books, and other sources.

But it is worth noting that baseball is not a purely American game. All the peoples of the world love to play it.

The fact is that baseball is a very exciting game that is hard to break away from.

The most important thing is to understand the rules of playing baseball, and then the game will go smoothly.

Baseball games terminology

The first step in learning the rules of baseball is to understand the terminology.

Here is what you need to know:

- Base - there are 4 of them on the field; you have to get into this zone to earn extra points;
- Batter - a player of the team who currently has a bat in his hands; he usually stands in front of the Catcher;
- Catcher is a player of the opposite team; he must catch the ball that flies to him from the other side of the field;
- Inning - one-ninth of all-time baseball games;
- Pitcher is the player who serves the ball;
- Run - the number of points received by the submitting team;
- Strike - the situation during the game, which is announced by the referee;
- These are the basic terms of playing baseball. There are many more, and you can learn them directly during the game.