About Battleship Games

Battleship Games are a great opportunity to have fun in sea battles, fighting the enemy on a checkered paper field.

What is battleship?

Battlefield is one of the first paper games that all children loved to play in class, recess, or just in their free time at home with friends. You could become a real Admiral of the Warped Fleet and defeat all your opponents on the battlefield! Correctly and competently deploying the fleet is the key to victory.

The game has a square playing field 10 by 10, on top of each cell the letter from "a" to "k", on the right is a column number from 1 to 10. Battlefield is gaining more and more popularity every year. New online games are coming out that you can play in the Battlefield section!

Two people play in Battlefield, but you can play both against the computer and with real people, or together with your friend. On our site, you can play together in different versions of games and with different modes! Immerse yourself in this exciting world of war and dangerous ships. Choose any game you like to choose from! Good luck on the battlefields!

Battleship game rules

Two people play the game. To play you need checkered leaves and pens (pencils). To begin with, each player draws two squares with a side of 10 cells on his leaf. Cells are numbered horizontally and vertically. You can use numbers, but you can, like in chess - numbers on one side, letters on the other.

The rules for the location of ships are simple - the ships can’t touch either sides or even corners. There must be at least one cell between them. You can press ships to the edges of the field. Yes, a ship is a row of cells. there should be no bends.

The goal of this game is to destroy all enemy ships. The winner is the one who does it first.

What battleship games do we have?

The battleship game came to the virtual world from reality. But first, a little history! After the transformation of the idea into a plot, naval battles began to take place everywhere. After all, this required very little: a sheet of checkered paper, a pencil, a rival, imagination, and logic. Fantasy perception helped to imagine that real ships are going into battle - boats, cruisers, frigates, battleships. And logic helped to calculate the location of enemy ships.

Now the fantasy of the players could no longer be contained. The developers offered more and more new stories based on the canon game. Fights for girls, for boys, historical battles were created. One could find a universe where formidable pirates take ships on board. Or start playing in the world of funny cartoon characters. There are a lot of options.

In addition to the standard options, which are not much different from each other, you can also fight in non-standard versions of this arcade, where the view of the ships will not open from a bird's eye view, but from the side.