About My Little Pony Games

We all know who these little ponies are! At the very least, little boys and girls have been watching famous cartoons about these cute creatures. The plot develops so fast that we do not even have time to follow the emergence of new characters!

Why are My Little Pony Games so popular?

When the first cartoon about little ponies came out, no one understood why it immediately became so popular. But with each new series, the cartoon gathered more and more fans around it. The children adored this cartoon so much that their parents gradually began to watch it with them. And they became fans just like their little children.

Who are these little ponies?

Hasbro - that's the name of the man who came up with the idea to create these ingenious animals. His company did not release an animated film but began to produce toys for sale in stores. The kids just adored these little and cute ponies. They were attracted by their bright and unobtrusive colors, and parents were forced to buy their children such toys. But over time, the popularity began to wane and entrepreneurs began to look for ways to restore the glory of the little pony. The best idea was to embody them in a plot and tell a story about them. That is why a cartoon was created in which the main characters were little ponies. Each pony got its name and identity.

Images of little ponies have passed through many years and have survived to this day. Children still adore these beautiful heroes.

In 2003, the developers decided to rethink the concept of little ponies and slightly improved their images. And it was the right decision because so the ponies gathered even more fans around the world. They are adored by both young children and the oldest.

Little ponies are embodied not only in toys but also in cartoons and movies. Even a feature film was made, which is still planned to be released in cinemas.

What are my little pony games?

From the beginning, my little ponies were adventurous animals. To this day, it remains that games about little ponies are adventure games.

One of the representatives of My Little Pony is Twilight Sparkle, who just loves adventures and always treats them with enthusiasm.
Usually, girls play My Little Pony games. But this does not mean that they are designed just for them. Boys can also find a lot of interesting things for themselves there.

That is why the games My little ponies are presented in a variety of genres. The developers want as many audiences as possible to enjoy spending time with these cute characters. You can play puzzles, coloring pages, shooters, dress-ups, and more. Believe me, there are many interesting things.

All My Little Pony games have a lot in common. They all have very bright and beautiful graphics, and they all have good morale and teach the good of all their players. Therefore, we heartily recommend you play My little ponies!