About Goku Games

Among all virtual games dedicated to anime, Goku games fill a unique place. These are games in which the central hero is Kakarotto, called Son Goku. This humble boy himself had no thought that he would transform into a strong hero.

Who is Son Goku - the protagonist of Goku games?

Son Goku, a teenager with a tail as a monkey, resides in a world known as "Dragon Ball". His home is in the highlands. Goku is not a human, but a successor of an alien known as the Saiyan. From them, Goku got magic powers. Later, Goku prepared for a long time, and he succeeded to create the capacity to use the hidden power of the Chi body. Goku also enjoys paranormal speed, good physical power, and the capability to teleport.

The Son Goku hero is the most widespread anime hero of all time. All admirers of the anime category understand his incarnation of Super Saiyan. Besides this, Goku can turn:

- into the large monkey Oozaru when he stares at the full moon,
- into the state of Kayoken when Goku's abilities and skills rise so much that he can overcome even those adversaries who are much tougher than him,
- in Imaginary Super Saiyan.

Goku is also renowned for the Dragon Ball series, in which he frequently transformed into a multiplicity of alterations.

Virtual Goku games

All Goku games are linked to the Dragon Ball series, in which the central hero Goku is a martial artist. Consequently, Goku is a beloved hero for virtual game inventors.

Goku has all the attributes that make him the most popular hero in computer games. Goku mastered a lot of martial arts, runs quickly, flawlessly controls any cars. Goku has many adversaries, with whom he continually must battle.

Goku is also a big fashionista, he alters his clothes all the time, loves to look the trendiest, even though he grew up in a tiny village.

What types of Goku games do we offer?

There are so many various categories and directions in the Goku games genre. Every member of your family can find a game, which suits their interests. Many movies and TV series have been taped built on the anime about Goku, but a vast amount of Goku games have also been produced.
Many Goku games duplicate anime in their story, so these are imaginary and battling games. You can select to play one-on-one or pair-on-pair. In war or combat games, you can manage the character of Goku as he resists monsters on various planets.

But with the hero Goku there are also a lot of sports games - hockey and football games, tennis and martial arts tournaments.

Additionally, Goku games can be characterized by the mission and adventure category, detective games, and space journey games.

Girls will also get fascinating Goku games for themselves: because Goku is a big fashion lover, he often becomes a character in dress-up games. There are additionally a lot of imaginative Goku games - sketching and painting books, as well as logic and learning games with Goku.