About Barbie Games

This category of games is a real find for anyone who just loves the Barbie brand. And not only girls but also boys will love this type of game, and this is not surprising.

Mattel famous barbie games

One day, Mattel decided to create a game based on the story of the famous Barbie doll. And thanks to this, the gaming industry just turned upside down. All companies have started to create games with Barbie because they have become wildly popular.

Now we know not just Barbie, but all her friends, sisters, and of course Ken.

What are the subcategories of games with Barbie?

The most popular variation is the Barbie dress. Everyone knows that Barbie is just an icon of the fashion industry, and she always takes care of her appearance. That's why game developers never lose sight of Barbie. Young ladies are always interested in interacting with this toy. There are many clothes with Barbie because there are also many events for which you need to collect a doll. This is a party, and the beach, and the office, and the New Year, and so on. You dress not only Barbie but all her friends, as well as Ken. Do not forget about makeup and hair.

In second place in popularity is coloring. Girls love to draw their favorite toy on paper, come up with their hairstyles and clothes. You can also play your favorite episode from the cartoon about Barbie.

You can also play arcades. Take on the role of Barbie and go through obstacles with her.

Another popular category is cooking. There are a lot of games about cooking where Barbie is involved. And it can be different situations. For example, Barbie works as a cook, or just decided to cook dinner for her family.

The heroine also loves animals, so there are many games with animals. These can be different games - puzzles, or games for watching animals.

The girls also love games where Barbie takes on the role of a specialist. Little players always want to be interesting. That is why it is interesting for them to try as a child - to be a teacher, firefighter, or doctor.

Fables in barbie games

Many stories and fairy tales were written with Barbie's participation. And based on them, the developers have created many games. During her existence, Barbie managed to visit various fairy-tale roles - fairy, mermaid, princess, and more. All these stories have been played many times by our online games. Every player dreamed of visiting the fairy-tale world where Barbie lives at least once.

And of course, we could not ignore Barbie and Ken's extremely romantic relationship. This is their fairy tale, where they have been happy together for many years and cherish their love. The girls love such games because they dream that they will soon find such a prince. Make Barbie the best date of her life!

And remember that Barbie is not just a favorite toy of little girls. This is a well-known star, which is of interest to adults around the world. That is why these games will be interesting for players of all ages.