Ragdoll Games

Few people know at all about the existence of this category of games, but those who do know realize that Ragdoll Games have great potential to become a hit in the gaming industry.

The name of the category is deciphered as follows. The word Ragdoll consists of two words rag and doll. And in principle, it becomes clear what the game is about.

Ragdoll - a style of computer animation

From the beginning, Ragdoll was called a way to create animation on a computer. This category includes 3D games. The peculiarity of these games is in the way the characters move. This is especially evident during the rise or fall of the character. The developers have carefully thought out this animation because they tried to accurately reproduce the laws of physics that apply in the real world. Also note that in the game, not only the character interacts with the world, but also the body parts of the character interact with each other like a real person.

You will easily understand that in front of your Ragdoll Game as soon as you pay attention to how the body parts of the character move. At such moments it may seem to you that he is behaving very strangely as if he were just a rag doll. And really, it is not even very similar to how people behave in real life. But this is the feature of Rag Doll games.

Where can you find the Ragdoll Games graphics standard?

There are many games designed on the principle of Rag Doll games. For example, Mount and Blade (you will notice when killing an opponent, how strange his dead body behaves), FlatOut (this is a racing simulator in which you can see the above principles of behavior of the driver's body).

Also, this category can easily include the well-known Skyrim (when your character falls, you notice how interesting his body behaves, and when your opponents die, their bodies also slide down according to the real laws of physics). There is also a game Painkiller, which very well traces the pattern of games Rag Doll. The game was born back in 2004, but the developers still impressed everyone with the accuracy of the laws of physics and gravity.

It is very difficult to develop such a game because the Internet is also aware of many cases of failure when developers tried to create a "cool" Rag Doll game. For example, Thief: Deadly Shadows. All the laws of physics were so senselessly passed on that the players simply made the game laugh.

Why do people like ragdoll games?

No one can give a definitive answer as to why this category of games has gained such popularity. Probably, mankind has been fascinated by this spectacle since ancient times, when theatergoers staged street shows with Rag Dolls.

But Rag Doll is still popular and now has a lot of fans around the world.

If you have played all the above games and want to try something like this, we can offer you to play STALKER. This type of animation is very clearly traced there.