About Driving School Games

You do not have a license yet, but you want to get behind the wheel of a car? Then, welcome to the Driving school games section. Here you can learn some important rules and use them while driving. Driving simulators are an excellent teaching tool. These games will help you learn how to drive a car and learn some driving principles. Here you will find the coolest and most addicting games where you will drive around the city in a variety of cars.

For tiny kids and preschoolers - unique genre of driving school games

You will be able to drive not only cars but also steeper vehicles. The bravest and most confident gamers can challenge themselves in minibusses, taxis, trucks, and even long wagons. It will not only be an exciting sight, but also a rewarding experience. After all, the time will come, and you will change the computer chair for the interior of your car. Do you want to be ready for this? Then quickly choose a game to your taste and start driving!

Driving School games are a real assistant for learning traffic rules. You will be shown the smallest mistakes and taught to avoid them. Our games are well-drawn and very realistic.

For school kids - driving school games with car simulators

Not 18 years old, but want to drive? Have your driver's license taken away? Too lazy to start the car. If any of the above is about you, then you have come to the right place, because free online games in which you can drive a car do not require either the cherished majority, or a long training in a driving school, or sometimes so abhorrent of movement in space. Play here and now, play for free!

A driving simulator is a must-have for fans of road wheels and speed. Here you will have the opportunity to experience incredible sensations in an addictive adventure. Emotions will simply go off the scale because speed and car technology are in the Driving Simulator almost everywhere. You will not notice how the game will drag you in for several hours, which will fly by literally like one second. So, you better free up some more time right away before you sit down for this wonderful game.

For experienced drivers - racing at driving school games

Are you an experienced driver and have been driving your car with confidence for many years? Or are you just about to go to driving school? In any case, you should play online driving school simulators for free. This is a very exciting line of games that absolutely everyone can play, regardless of the presence of a driver's license.

Here you must be the driver of a school bus, car, or truck and pass several tests - parallel parking, entering a garage, making a U-turn, or riding a snake. Or you need to practice your driving test by carefully driving between other vehicles and observing the traffic rules. In any case, all games from the series of driving school simulators allow you to take training in driving any vehicle without registration.