About Grow Games

You possibly heard or saw this category - Grow Games. Although not everyone knows what games are hiding under this name. But they are worthy to learn them better.

What are Grow Games?

In 2002, a Japanese game designer named On established and published numerous Flash grow games on his website. The structure of this series consequently for the whole period of invention consisted of 12 games in full-fledged versions, 7 games in the mini format, and another game, which was later withdrawn.

These games immediately became widespread, and today they still maintain their fame. Commentators welcomed their emergence with optimistic evaluations. They particularly liked the minimalism of the games and the convenience for users to understand. These games were labeled as puzzle games, but reviewers also remarked that grow games amount to a new category of games for the virtual gaming industry.

Characteristics of Grow Games

Games of the grow games genre are simple to differentiate from others: they are very simple to handle, have the plainest interface on which there are only some push buttons. The player is needed to easily decide the right mixture of buttons to get the highest prize. The highest reward indicates a great game consequence.

These grow games are made very fascinating in terms of the project, have nice visuals, and look extremely beautiful.

The characters of these games are frequently unique with their imaginary animals or legendary personalities in movies, cartoons, books, or other virtual games designed by the same developer.

The principle of grow games

The player gets a specific set of buttons, each of which is accountable for some trait of the game universe. If the player taps on this button, some value in the game world alters. The player is confronted with the mission: to decide in what order the keys should be pushed to get the best outcome. Keys for each one game can be a separate number: from five buttons to twelve. And the number of patterns of these buttons will rise as you progress in the game. If there are 5 keys, the number of patterns will be identical to 120, and only one of these patterns will lead the player to triumph. If the keys are 12, then the number of patterns will be identical to 479 million.

Every game has only one definite finish, but there may be numerous possibilities for negative abortive matches.

You will prosper in grow games if you are a great schemer or planner, as well as if you are a gifted combinator. If an individual understands how to evaluate his upcoming steps and thinks over what consequence each of them will bring, he will be successful in accomplishing a definite ending.

Such games teach logic and rational thinking completely. Progressively, by trial and error, the user understands the approach of the game, improves his memory, interest, recalls and evaluates the failed alternatives, then puts the knowledge into training. The component of casual triumph in the game is current, but since there is only one profitable alternative, and there are many disastrous ones, then you have a good chance to encounter your fortune. Those who handle to unintentionally win at the first try are truly lucky ones.